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Hi there!

I am Jason from California. I am a 32-year-old dad (papa) with 3 cute kids. With my long 10+ years of experience, I like to help newbies and the experienced vapors to find the best vaping devices for their purpose. I started this website to share my experiences and thereby reducing your time on choosing the best vape product. We are 5 people on this team who shares the reviews after personally using the products.

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 With My First Vape Pen

My Story

I started smoking cigarettes at the age of 21 and day by day addicted to it. After few years of continuous smoking, I planned to quit. Often I tried to quit smoking but nothing happens. You know, my every new year resolution is to quit smoking! Even I can’t follow my doctor’s advice on this issue. I was that much addicted to smoking tobacco.

Later I decided to buy a good vape pen that would help. I’ve bought a few starter kits from a different company that failed me miserably. They would either leak or failed to keep a charge.

Later I got interested in e-cigs which I heard from one of my old high school friends who uses it daily. Then, I almost gave up looking and going back to cigarettes. So, by choosing the right vaping product, you can enjoy vaping as like as smoking tobacco cigarettes.

With my experience and along with my vaping friends, I will help you to choose the best vape product.

               While Enjoying the Vape

Why this Site?

Vaping is an art! It helps you to quit smoking and also provides you a great vaping experience. We know that the online shopping is more time-consuming. You have to spend several hours of reading product reviews to find the best vape product and still be less than 100% confident in your final selection. We know because we’ve been there.

VapingPapa solves this problem by doing all the research for you. We analyze thousands of customer reviews using a proprietary algorithm and evaluate all products in terms of popularity, quality, value, and freshness. This allows us to score every product based on customer experience and provide a curated list of the best 10 best products.

Since VapingPapa product recommendations rely on personal experience and real customer reviews, they are totally unbiased. We aim to be your most trusted resource for finding the best products online.