Best Cheap Vape Juice/e-Liquid Brands to Taste on a Budget – 2019

Need the best cheap vape juice in 2019?

Choosing an e-juice/vape juice can become your worst nightmare when compared to other costly vaping devices. Because you actually don’t have any idea about the taste and its density.

There are a lot of best cheap e-juice brands available in the market 2019. Each and every vape juice brand may offer different flavors and density, but how dense it is?

Is it capable of producing huge clouds? All these questions should arise in your mind before even thinking about buying one.

When we talk about best e-juice or cheap e-juice it is pretty difficult to cut short the list to 10. But after testing it with several experienced vapers and considering the price point, we have shortlisted these top 10 best cheap e-juice brands 2019 which actually provides you with everything you need.

This best cheap vape juice/e-liquid review can give you the much-needed information and caution before actually paying for your favorite flavor and clouds. Let me walk you through the best rated cheap e-juice brands review 2019.

Best Cheap Vape Juice Brand 2019 – Complete Review

1. Vaporfi

cheap vape juice

Whether your e-liquid priority is taste or variety, VaporFi has you covered!

VaporFi E-Liquids are the addictive ones. This online vape store is famous for the taste of its e juice flavors. You cannot go out of it! Their mouth-watering e juice flavors are the best choice for most of the fellow vapers.

VaporFi has a large variety of custom blend e-liquid option. You have 30,000 options to choose the e juice flavors! Even you can make your own custom vape juice at VaporFi!

Their vape juice comes from food-grade ingredients, so their flavors are smooth and consistent.

Don’t forget to check out the fruit, Tobacco, Menthol and dessert flavors.

Below are some of their popular cheap e-juices.

Also, don’t forget to check out the fruit and dessert flavors before you left their online store.

I’ll mention a couple of best e-juice that can make you feel like you’re smoking, but actually, you’ll be vaping it.

First one is the Classic tobacco vape juice which costs you around 16 bucks, it’s a 30ml bottle, the taste and flavor mimics a cigarette, don’t expect perfection though

But you’ll get the taste and feel of the tobacco along with thick Vegetable glycerine, formulas for making this best e-liquid is registered with FDA. All the ingredients are food grade and are absolutely safe to use.

The next best e-liquid is the “Make your own custom vape juice”, again it costs you 16 dollars, you can choose to add one flavor or two or three flavors, but I personally felt one flavor at a time is better, because you may like it at first few hits.

But then it’ll become too much for you to finish the whole bottle. You can also choose the nicotine level as per your desire.

There is a wide range of e-juices with different flavors, also you can choose to make your own custom vape juice, that allows you to add up to three flavors, you’ll start buying again and again just to make your custom vape juice. Worth the money paid.

2. Vape Wild

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Vape Wild is a specialized store for vape juices.

Imagine a huge fancy liquor store! When you enter you’ll forget what you wanted to buy and start browsing each bottle in the store.

When you’re looking for the cheap vape juice and happen to visit “Vape Wild” you’ll experience the same, there are more than 150 different e-liquids available for your delight. Each e-juice starts at only $2.99 so you can vape without breaking the bank.

Not all are same when it comes to flavor, but the price point is comparably cheaper than many of the vape juice brands out there. You get 10ml of vape juice for 2.99$, that’s way cheaper than most top rated vape juice brands.

To be specific about few flavors, Ice-cold e-juice is something which most people who are from hot locations would like the most, choosing the VG% slightly changes the density of flavor and clouds.

When you inhale the Ice-cold vape juice you can absolutely feel the chill in your throat and lungs, but unlike most cheap vape juice this vape juice doesn’t give you the irritation.

Apart from that, it has hell a lot of flavors to choose, you name it they have it. You need not waste your time searching for your favorite you can search it just by the flavor name.

Instead of spending more dollars on top-rated costly vape juice brands, you can buy more quantity for the same price.

Vapewild is a place where practically you can get any flavor you want, and the beauty is at a mouthwatering price. With cheap prices, bonus e-liquid, & great customer service, Vape Wild stands uniquely on the market. Though this is one among the cheapest vape juice brands, it doesn’t compromise on the quality.

3. Mt Baker Vapor

discount vape juice

Mt Baker Vapor has it all, that’s how you should say!

Cheap vape juice is not the selling point for this brand, if you’re a food lover you’ll like the series of flavors available just by looking at the name.

The first thing that will strike your mind when you look at the website is that the names for the vape juices, each vape juices are named just like a dessert or a food variety.

When I first enter the site, I thought I came to a food store until I realized that all the items are filled in bottles and then I knew I came to the right place.

You should also know that there are few budget flavors, where you’ll get 120ml of vape juice for just 20 bucks. But I can say for sure you’re not gonna stick to those flavors for long, because there are many mind stealing flavors which you would obviously wanna try sooner or later.

When you’re all set with a perfect vaping setup, spending some bucks on different and delicious flavors won’t hurt your vaping experience, after all, you want to enjoy vaping right?

This is one of the best cheap vape juice brands in the market, but that is not the end of the story, you have so many medium budget and high budget e-liquids available which you should definitely try. First, you can try some cheap vape juice flavors to test the quality and then you can start trying new flavors very often.

4. Dinner Lady Eliquid

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Dinner Lady Eliquid is another veteran on our list! They selling premium vape juice at relatively competitive price points.

There are several classic flavors that are pretty awesome and real, I said real because unlike many cheap e-liquids you can actually get the feel of whatever flavor you like.

For instance, the suntan mango flavor made me fall in love with it, this is not just one more mango flavored vape juice this delicious e-liquid gives you the dense sweet mango taste all over your mouth and lungs when you inhale it.

You can taste the sweet and smooth thick mango nectar even after you few seconds of the hit, that is what makes this one of the best premium vape juice brands in a reasonable price range.

Another most received and loved flavor among vapers is “Lemon Tart”, but it’s really hard for a vape juice brand to arrive at the right balance of tangy and pulpy flavor of lemon because even the slightest hiccup can totally ruin the “premium vape juice” quality.

The dinner lady has done it well and unlike cheap vape juice brands, this one delivers the thick and lovable lemon tart e-liquid.

Dinner lady e-liquid has actually got the pulse of every vaper out there and is really got the expertise to deliver the delicious lovable vape juices in a fairly reasonable price point. If you’re not bothered about spending that extra buck for the best premium vape juice you will love this e-liquid.

5. Black Note

Black Note is not at all black, good news is that Black note e-liquids don’t have harmful chemicals such as diacetyl, acetyl propionyl acrolein or acetoin.

End to end this best premium grade vape juice is made with food grade materials and pretty safe to use in long term.

When it comes to flavors, there are no much choices, the list is very short and selective. But the tobacco flavored e-liquid is a true treat to your taste buds.

Prelude” is a flavor made with Virginia tobacco which offers a unique tobacco flavor and the aroma is absolutely stunning.

Bravura” is another e-liquid which is made with tobacco and deep and dense fruit and nuts taste, this flavor can practically satisfy all vapers with its unique tobacco aroma and the perfectly blended flavor.

Sonata” is a vape juice that is made to deliver a unique mix of tobacco flavor and aftertaste of sweet and nut.

Solo” is the choice for people who prefer tobacco with menthol, I have personally preferred menthol cigarettes when I was smoking, and I like this vape juice for reminding me of those tastes and especially with the tobacco flavor.

Black Note is definitely not a cheap vape juice brand, the choice of flavors is also very very less. But when it comes to the quality of its vape juices, it stands unbeatable among its rivals. You’ll love this vape juice brand if you’re fond of tobacco flavor.

6. NAked 100

cheap vape juice

Naked 100 is a vape juice brand which offers thick colorless e-liquid filled in a colorless bottle. It doesn’t induce your taste buds by looking at it, but as an old saying suggests “looks can be deceiving”

This e-liquid brand offers you 60ml of vape juice for 20$. The price is not very high but still not the cheapest vape juice, the production is made focusing on flavors and edibility.

The ingredients are quality food grade materials and this vape juice produces a lot of vapor with less VG content itself, which means you can add less Vegetable glycerine and more flavors for your delight and still can get decent cloud production.

This vape juice is absolutely suitable for any type of vaping setup, the flavors are in a right mix is what I felt. A unique difference in this vape juice compared to other cheap vape juices is that, since the flavor density is very optimal, you’ll not feel bored very soon.

Most top rated vape juices are made with dense flavors and you cannot withstand the same flavor for very long. Obviously, you would try something different and without even finishing the first bottle you’ll be buying the next one. But with this vape juice brand, you’ll not feel bored and will finish each and every bottle for sure.

As I already said, this is one of the best vape juice brands which offers you both quality and quantity at a fair price point. The flavors are not gonna be too much for anyone, so you can enjoy the tobacco and the right mix of your favorite flavor for years to come.


best ejuice deals

Charlie’s Chalkdust is one of the top-rated vape juice brands originated from California.

Unlike many e-liquid brands that utilize vape juice formula’s that have been found and developed by a team of people, this e-liquid brand is totally built on one person’s idea and passion.

Each vape juice flavor of Charlie’s Chalk Dust is found and developed by Mr.Charlie the founder of the company, anybody can ask what’s so special in it.

Imagine if you’re a serious vaper who would like to explore into vaping each and every day, and you know how to make a vape juice, what would you do? you’ll keep on trying different combinations and different blends to get the best out of each flavor, right?.

Every flavor of this vape juice brand is absolutely perfect and made to perfection. I tried almost all the flavors from the e-liquid brand and at no point in time I felt it incomplete or less satisfying, I thoroughly enjoyed each flavor.

The right mix of VG, Nicotine and finely prepared flavors makes this one of the best vape juice brands which each and vaper should keep in their vape juice kit.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s premium vape juice flavors are pretty unique and competitive, the price point is not the deal breaker, though this is not the cheapest e-liquid you can get in the budget, the quality is never compromised in any of its flavors.

8. Cosmic Fog

vape juice for cheap

Cosmic fog is a vape juice brand with a small list of flavors to choose among, but those are enough for almost everyone, most liked and received flavors among vapers are there.

Everyone would like to taste the best vape juice from this brand. Yes, Cosmic fog is a familiar brand in the industry for its experience, it’s e-liquids with thick and aromatic flavors are made using best quality ingredients to provide you the quality vape juice.

When you get quality and accuracy in taste, everything else like quantity and price point can be compromised, at least in my opinion. While talking about the flavors of this vape juice brand, I would like to mention it’s “Chill’d Tobacco” flavor which I personally liked very much.

This e-liquid is made with mild leaf tobacco flavor with mild and fresh peppermint blend when you inhale you can taste the peppermint flavor and aftertaste gives you the taste of thick lava chocolate.

The total touch of the flavor is not too much, so you can enjoy the flavor as long as you like without getting annoyed at any point in time.

This is one of the best vape juice brands in terms of best quality in the mid-price range. I tried this vape juice brand very recently, wish I had tried it long back because I have spent a lot of money on many cheap vape juice brands for quantity and I have a lot of e-juice bottles in my rack gathering dust forever.

9. Cuttwood e liquids

best cheap e juice

Cuttwood e-liquids offers you best premium vape flavors which can show you entirely different and lovable vape flavors in the medium price range.

Definitely, this is not the cheap vape juice brand but it actually focuses a lot on quality ingredients and deep care on an even slightest detail of the flavor.

This premium e-juice has less variety of vape juice flavors but you can get the best quality vape till the last hit available in the bottle.

Cuttwood always makes sure you get the best value for the money you paid for the premium vape juice in terms of quality and not quantity, so be informed that you cannot expect quantity but you’ll get the desired quality vape juice.

Few flavors like Oatmeal and Cinnamon are comparably cheaper with Atwood’s online presence than vape stores.

To speak about another flavor, “Sugar drizzle” was a bit unique but you’ll feel very comfortable with this flavor if you’re already bored with countless flavors you’ve tried, this flavor gives you a mild sweet sensation along with dense nicotine feel but you’ll not feel bored even after finishing a full 30ml bottle.

Cuttwood E-liquids are one among the best-rated vape juice brand for its quality and simplicity. Some people like flavors but not too much of it, for such people Cutwood E-liquids proved to be the best premium vape juice brand.

10. Kilo E liquids

best cheap e juice

Kilo E-liquids has a wide range of vape flavors which will stick to your mind even after several minutes you finished vaping.

Kilo e-liquids come in 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120ml bottles, compared to other cheap vape juices Kilo e-liquids are of mid-price range.

The production is made using high-quality food-grade ingredients, the flavors are intense and also produces huge clouds due to the quality of vegetable glycerine.

If you’re a cloud chaser choose the high proportion of VG while you order your vape juice, if you’re not bothered about cloud production, you can reduce the VG proportion and increase the flavor mix.

Kilo offers you the best premium vape juice which is rich in flavorful content to amuse your taste buds with delicious varieties. “White Series- Ice cream sandwich e-juice” was the flavor which most of the users in our community liked a lot.

If you’re living in a place where the weather is extremely hot or extreme cold then you’ll obviously like this premium vape juice. It has a perfect blend of chocolate cookie and vanilla ice cream taste while you inhale the vapor and it gives an awesome creamy taste after the hit which is definitely a treat to your mind.

Kilo E-liquids has got its own place among vapers. It is one of the top-rated premium vape juice brands this is not the cheapest vape juice, but you can find quite a few quality vape juice flavors with nicotine. Worth trying.

What is the Best e-juice Brand in 2019?

Have you got the best vaping device? Whopping battery backup? Perfect temperature settings and airflow settings? You’re not set to go.

The accessories which you have chosen after deep considerations and spending a lot of time on searching can deliver the desired vaping experience only when you feed them with the best e-juice.

When it comes to vape flavors, it is purely user preference.

But when it comes to best quality vape juice brand you have only two choices to find it out, either you should be bought and try the minimum quantity bottles from all top rated cheap vape juice brands or go with the best cheap vape juice reviews.

In my opinion, you should be doing both, go through few reliable best cheap vape juice reviews, get the list of top 10 best vape juice brands 2019 and try each brand till you get the best e-liquid which promptly suits your priorities.

Also look for the best cheap vape juice deals for sale online, you might find your lucky one there. Top vape juice brands often don’t provide you with cheap e-liquid deals, you may have to wait for it because such brands offer cheap e-juice deals very rarely.

When you look for discount e-juice just keep in mind, you won’t be able to get that discounted price for long, once people start liking and buying it, obviously the discount on e-juice will be withdrawn, keep that counted.

Also look for vape juice with free shipping, often your total cost in long run can shoot up just by paying for shipping regularly, so if you get free shipping for your vape juice, then such brand has the quality to be the best cheap vape juice brand.

There are a lot of sites where you’ll be able to get dirt cheap e-juice coupons, but when you look for cheapest e-juice then you cannot expect it to be of high quality.

Try to be on any one side of the court, it should be either quality and tasty vape e-juice or best cheap e-liquid, you may not find both in one brand.

If you’re able to find such a brand where you get the best premium vape juice at a cheap price, then that is the best of the best cheap vape juice brand.

Hope the review about the best and cheap vape juice flavors 2019 is helpful in getting your most tasting e-liquid!

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