Best RDA 2018 For Flavor and Clouds – 10 BEST Drippers on the Market!

Looking for the best RDAs on the market 2018? It’s always fun to find out what new RDA (Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers) that are coming out on the market!

Whether you are looking for the best RDA for flavor or for clouds, or even RDAs with single coil or dual coil, you have to do proper research, read reviews and choose the good one. Else your wrong decision will spoil your vaping experience badly!

So, here in order to help you in choosing the good RDA, I have tested and listed the 10 best RDAs on the market 2018. Whether inexpensive or high-end, I will only vouch for quality RDAs. And of course, I have included the best cheap RDAs for budgeted vapers!

So just enjoy our list of the Best Rebuildable Dripper Atomizers. Vape on!

Why You Need RDA?

E-Cigarettes have gained enormous popularity during the short period of time. But due to limited taste (flavor) and clouds, most vapers consider switching out to RDA, RTA, Vape Box Mods, Dry Herb Vaporizers and sub-ohm vaping.  

RDA vapes need you to drip e-juice continuously. This might be an annoying thing to the beginners, but the old vaping hands love them for their customizability. Okay, let’s take a look at some RDAs that can improve your vaping experience intensely.

Best RDA 2018 For Flavor and Clouds – Review

1. CSMNT | Cosmonaut RDA by District F5VE

best rda 2018

I am super happy with this rebuildable dripping atomizer! It looks cool, machined beautifully, tastes amazing and chucks big clouds. It deserves the hype. Honestly, you won’t go for other RDAs once you use this atomizer.

This has the most unique and smooth airflow of any RDA I have tried to date. You can drip right onto the coils without removing anything. I would highly recommend this RTA to anyone looking for the one which is best in the market!

Also, this is one of a most loved Rebuildable dripping atomizer among vaping community. If you want to buy this you have to wait for it, most sites which sell this are out of stock. If you see availability, just grab it before someone else does.

What makes this RDA so lovable? The design is not unique, but it is very simply made and sturdily built, durable and heat resistant. A postless RDA with 4holes of each 4mm which can accommodate even most complex coil builds and best flavor coil setups. Build deck is awesome and plated with 24k carat gold which gives a classic look.

Airflow control is present on the top portion, and the drip tip is made of Ultem which is a perfect combo for heat resistance, dual airflow control gives you the convenience of adjusting the airflow to meet your expected choice of a hit.

With good heat resistance, large deck space for wide range of coil builts, and nice airflow control which can enhance your hits this RDA is the most suitable dripper mods for beginners.

Box contains
  • Easy Postless build deck
  • 4 large post holes
  • Press fit drip tip
  • Dual coil compatible
  • Amazing flavor and massive clouds
  • Postless decks need some practice to go easy
  • Looks of the device is very simple

Even though the price was high, this RDA deserves the hype! This is one of the best RDA available on the market. If you are looking for the Best atomizer for clouds this is one of a kind. This RDA is a perfect choice for both beginners and the experienced vapers.

2. Goon RDA by 528 Customs

best rda for flavor

The Goon RDA is the best competition RDA for the above one. This RDA is fantastic. I was very pleased with the purchase of this high-quality RDA.

Don’t look further about What is the best RDA for cloud chasing? Try Goon RDA!

It’s so simple to build with great flavor and the quality of the build is excellent. It has tons of space for almost any size build. The deck design makes it great for people new to RDA’s to build on. Deep enough well to hold tons of liquid.

Goon RDA is 510 RDA atomizer among RDA family, not only huge, it is also PEEK insulated and stable built for sub-ohm vaping. It has a half inch drip tip which is so conveniently designed to give you an ultimate vaping experience.

The airflow system is compatible with single and dual coil builds. One side of the airflow can be closed for Goon RDA single coil vaping.

The deck is a bridge-clamp design and plated with 24carat gold. Positive and negative bridges are easily replaceable. Its made of stainless steel which is pretty tough and can hold your coil legs firmly when screws down under the clamps.

The airflow control is placed on the top cap, which makes it a High airflow RDA and is easy to use while vaping. The airflow system is designed in such a way that it produces moderately aggressive clouds and its density offers you excellent flavors. Goon is an adjustable airflow RDA comes with a handful of notable qualities.

Overall, the Goon RDA from 528 customs have designed up to the wide expectations of any RDA Vaper, Bridge-clamp deck design does impress anyone who has a hobby of building crazy RDA coil builds it makes the coil building pretty easy. Airflow control gives dense clouds with nice flavors.

Box contains
  • Airflow choices are wide
  • Best single coil RDA
  • Flavor production
  • Dual coil compatible
  • Relatively safe RDA device
  • Cloud chasing RDA
  • Best dripper tank
  • Not for cloud chasers
  • Dual coil vapes can be little too hot for this dual coil RDA

This is the best RDA for beginners. This not means this vape drip atomizer is not suitable for experienced people. Its easy for the beginners to start RDA vaping. Also, I can say that this is one of the best drippers for clouds.

3. Recoil Rebel RDA by Grimm Green x OhmBoyOC

good rdas for clouds

As amazing as it was hyped up to be, the new deck is fantastic. Higher price than most RDAs but worth it, much better than most in quality. Trust me GET IT. You will not be disappointed.

The Recoil Rebel RDA is High-end RDA atomizer backed by both Grimm Green and Ohmboy OC, an RDA with two veterans involved raises the expectations among the vaping community.

It comes with 25mm diameter and 24mm inner diameter. Uniqueness in this RDA is the choice of airflows it offers, Snakebite barrel can get you a better mouth to lung vaping with 4mm holes at each side.

The AFC barrel has four holes on both sides sizing about 3mm each, too much right? But you’ll start experiencing your unknown sensational area of vaping with these choices. Great paint job too!

The deck is 24mm in diameter and it has two positive posts and two negative posts with a hole size of 2.5mm which can accommodate best dual coil RDA builds, dual coils with 2.5mm gauge or a bit more size can create tons of clouds, can flood a small room with vapors without much effort.

Using such setup in public places can get you too much attraction which obviously you don’t want, so choose your place before vaping with that setup. It really has a deep well that won’t make you drip again and again for every few hits. What else you want from a Top RDA atomizer? Nice design for 4 post coil builds.

Box contains
  • Two barrels of ultimate clouds and flavors production
  • Raised negative poles
  • AFC cap allows for more options with coil placement
  • Leaks are much less comparing to most RDAs
  • Still fits smaller round wire builds perfectly
  • Compatible with Dual coil RDA vape
  • Good RDA for clouds
  • Larger build space
  • New logo is engraved giving the RDA a sleeker look
  • Does sucks a lot of E-juice
  • Stealth vaping may not be possible

Recoil rebel is an extraordinary RDA, had kept the promise for a high-end vaping device. This is an RDA for cloud production and ultra-coil builds. Can offer you ultimate ease of use with its deep drip well and airflow control.


best rdas on the market

This RDA immediately became one of my favorite atomizer for squonking. Using alien twisted Clapton coils the flavor and vapor production was outstanding. Juice well is a big plus. In my opinion, without any doubt, this is the best bottom feed RDA of 2018.

Expectations of a vaper can be understood by none other than a vaper alone. Dead rabbit is designed by Heathen a “vapist” more like “dentist” or a “journalist”.

Hellvape is predominantly designed for cloud chasing RDA experience and of course flavor is also a part of the project. The whole make challenges the Best RDAs on the Market.

The airflow for this RDA is at the top just below the drip tip, angled towards the coils, leaking is totally avoided by the very nature of its design. The airflow ring is knurled, gives a good grip to this adjustable airflow RDA. Quality SS built makes it even more stable and long-lasting device with a lot of benefits included.

This RDA comes with an 810 Resin drip tip and an 810 Delrin drip tip, don’t judge yet, It is compatible with 510 drip tips by attaching a 510 adapter which is included in the kit. Started imagining the comforts? Wait, This fantastic vaping device offers you a spacious deck with 24mm diameter which has single and dual coil options. Side mounted screws are easy to position your coils perfectly.

Overall, it’s good if you squonk with this RDA but its still great without squonking. If you are looking for a killer cloud chukar look no further than the dead rabbit.

Box contains
  • Knurled airflow control ring
  • Leak-proof
  • Awesome clouds
  • Best bottom feed RDA
  • Best single coil RDA
  • Vaporize a lot of E-juice while sub-ohm vaping
  • Too airy, not for MTL Vapers

This is the best cloud chasing RDA which every vaper would enjoy using, nicely designed and machined for the pleasure of customizability! It tops the chart among the best rebuildable atomizers. If you’re even considering buying this RDA, do not hesitate!


best rebuildable atomizer

This is a great squonking RDA puts out great flavor and easy to build on.  If you are into the flavor with pretty good airflow, this is really wide open airflow, then you have to try this vape RDA tank.

Galatek 24mm RDA is wider but a bit shorter than most of the RDA’s in the market, The look is unique and is designed primarily focusing on flavor RDA vapers.

The bottom gets connected to a MOD with a gold plated 510 connection. A funnel type piece which fits around the deck and connects the top cap, a bottom dual adjustable slotted airflow which gets connected to the drip tip. Holds a ton of juice and no leaking.

The deck is simple and not so spacious, single coil compatible, two post deck with a 5mm deep juice well, Normally a flavor focused vapor doesn’t burn more e-liquid rather would produce dense vapors with sensational flavors.

The best airflow and the deck design paired perfectly with nice flavors. Top notch, incredible flavor, and the design make for easy builds.

Box contains
  • Fantastic flavor chasing RDA
  • Adjustable Airflow is optimized for flavor focused vaping
  • Clapton coils build (Pre-built) included
  • Great squonking
  • Best dripper tank
  • Best single coil RDA
  • Deep juice well RDA
  • Juice well is kind of medium size
  • Not for cloud chasers

Great flavor and super easy to build on! For the price, you can’t go wrong with this. A lovable Flavor RDA Vaping device for extremely enjoyable flavor production with single coil deck and medium-sized built, pre-built Clapton coils are included in the kit which is more suitable for flavor production.


best rda for clouds and flavor

This is a very well designed, well machined RDA with a lot of high-end features. This RDA looks great, performance is amazing and very simple to build. Would be a great addition to a squonk mod.

Augvape Druga is made of Stainless steel, looks like a vintage revolver’s bullet chamber, 24mm sized RDA with 20mm deck size. When connected to a Mod, splendid looking Short Rebuildable dripping atomizer which beats the looks of few Top rated RDAs.

A unique deck design has two terminals with clamp snag system, You actually don’t need a screwdriver or an RDA vape guide teaching you how to put your coils in an RDA, knurled bodied thumb screws which acts as clamps itself.

Just place the coil on the respective posts and screw it to perfection with your bare hands. As simple as that. For a better flavor experience, all you need to do is decide on a Best ohm for flavor and build with such resistance.

The airflow slots measuring 12mm by 2mm and the airflow control positioned on the top cap, The drip tips included are 810delrin and 810ultem, As you are aware of the nature, Ultem is more heat resistant and can be used for sub-ohm vaping and Delrin can be used for single coil builds which primarily made for flavor production.

The end result is great, worth the effort for the flavor, you’ll love the airflow.

Box contains
  • Stunning looks
  • Biggest RDA deck
  • Easy to build deck
  • Best dripper for clouds
  • Top cap airflow control
  • Deep juice well RDA (6mm juice well)
  • Best Beginner RDA
  • 810 drip tip setup

The best RDA tank for beginners who are more interested in dual post RDAs, Best two post-RDA to build on, can achieve creative and best RDA coil builds. Perfect vape setup for beginners!


best single coil rda

Honestly, I love this the atomizer! I like the wide open velocity style deck and 24mm size.  The cloud production is hard to beat with such an easy deck to build on. You can get a slightly warmer vapor with this rebuildable dripper atomizer.

Geekvape Tsunami is one of a nice velocity RDA build with its bottom airflow, and a deep juice well. Due to the airflow which is present just below the deck, when you draw the air, it directly hits the coils and pushes the vapor to the drip tip.

It comes with three drip tips, a wide open chuff cap Delrin drip tip, a Delrin diagonal drip tip and a 510 ss drip tip. When you build a dual coil for cloud production and direct lung hit, wide open Delrin is the best choice, for flavor focused coil builds diagonal Delrin drip trip is the best match.

The deck has two posts with rectangular post holes sizing 2.1 by 3mm each, Rectangular holes are even more convenient for dual coil builds, as two coil legs can be fit into it so easily when compared to round holes. A Velocity RDA coil builds made easy with this deck.

Apart from the medium sized juice well, the performance and cloud production due to the velocity style deck and airflow at the bottom makes it the best dripper RDA. It works great using the optional bottom feed pin with my squonker mod. Possibly the best squonking RDA. I found no leaking problems and the deck is also very easy to build on and wick.

Box contains
  • Velocity style RDA
  • Deep juice well
  • 510 drip tip adapter included
  • Threaded drip tip
  • Great RDA for beginners
  • Best squonking RDA.
  • Good cheap RDA
  • Bottom airflow offers increased cloud production
  • Bottom airflow causes occasional leaks
  • Not so dense flavors, but great with clouds

Geekvape Tsunami is one among the best drippers in the markets at the considerably cheaper price range. It’s a great RDA the flavor is good and clouds are great. I would highly recommend the tsunami 24 for anyone who’s looking for an awesome RDA that won’t break your pockets.


best rda for clouds chasing

The Voopoo demon is not so demonic in its looks, it is pretty colorful, Top and bottom feeding system is one of a unique feature in this rebuildable dripping atomizer, the top cap, and the drip tip are made of PEI material which is highly heated resistance.

The deck is Dual post RDA design with a T shaped post compatible for single and dual coil build, Sub-ohm vaping is the ultimate mission for this terrific Demon it seems, Electrode:SUS stainless still material, security and eco-friendly, superpower performance Heating wire, extra wire, the material is Ni-Cr alloy, single-barrelled 0.3ohms, double-barreled 0.15ohms.

Side adjustable airflow control has four holes which offer multiple airflows for different vaping requirements, but in my opinion, this can create best possible impact with crazy dripper coil builds.

Box contains
  • T-shaped center post
  • Single and dual coil compatible
  • Fully closable for flavor production
  • Multiple adjustable airflow settings
  • Best flavor chasing RDA
  • Not so deep juice well can leak if you blow before your first hit
  • Contrast colors

A good RDA for clouds, Demon holds a reputation among affoRDAble RDA with deep juice well, and a high airflow RDA is a real Demon which can give nightmares to few high priced custom RDA atomizers.


best rda for the money

This dripper atomizer works great and for the price honestly, you can’t beat it. Yes, one of the cheap RDA atomizers that can satisfy your vaping needs.

I got this rebuildable atomizer strictly for squonking and it squonk a perfectly with s flat bottom juice well.

The Coil Art Dpro is a Rebuildable dripper which can make your vaping experience to an art, the make is so simple, lightweight, the top cap is made of aluminum and is moderately thin.

The airflow is 3mm inner diameter hole on both sides offers airy hits, you may want to close it a little bit, Coil art Dpro works very well in single coil builds and doubtlessly provides delicious flavors. Dual coil mode sucks your juice very fast due to its juice well size.

Another aspect in dual coil vaping is that because of its size, it tends to produce more heat, luckily, the cloud chasing Ultem drip tip saves your lips from getting scorched.

It’s a great postless deck with wide enough holes for any build. If you’re new to postless RDA, you may need to get your touch only by doing few different coil builds, but once you get the touch of it, it becomes very handy and quick process. I think spit back isn’t an issue.

Overall, a great value and flavor from this RDA. I recommend it to an advanced builder only because it’s postless. But if you are a beginner and think that you can handle this, then no problem.

Box contains
  • Small and compact built
  • Produces best of the cloud chasing
  • Press fit Ultem drip tip
  • Airflow control
  • Very small Juice well
  • More heated while sub-ohm vaping

Coil Art DPRO is one of a best mini RDA in the market at a competitive pricing, compatible with both single and dual coil builds, and an optimal airflow system for cloud chasing and flavor chasing. A must includable in your Vape kit collection, If you’re a beginner add it to your starter kit, this can give you a whole lot of different tastes and clouds.

10. Wotofo Troll RDA V2

cheap rda for clouds

Last but not least among the best cloud chasing RDAs available in today’s market, Top adjustable chuff cap with two different air flow controls for cloud chasing and flavor chasing. Yes, The best RDA for the money!

When you’re a serious cloud chaser, then you might just stay amazed through your vaping moments with its 10mm deep juice well, Most RDAs which gives you the sturdy quality and cost-effective vaping experience may lack this feature, but not Wotofo Troll.

This little RDA can hold the juice with a deep well. Great deck, super easy to build, gorgeous machining, plenty of space, and good flavor and cloud production. This RDA was built to pair with any mech or regulated mod on the market.

Two post deck has 2.7mm holes which can accommodate huge and cool coil builds claptons or similar heavy coil builds for the best cloud chasing experience. This literally trolls all other RDAs with its price competency and overwhelming features. Just stay amazed. The deep well mixed with the air flow being high up prevents spit back.

Wotofo Troll RDA V2 is the best velocity style RDA or you can say a best and Cheap Velocity RDA across velocity drippers. A cloud chaser can’t go wrong by selecting this Tank for his collection. 10Mm deep deck? Enough! Man just enough! Start building.

Box contains
  • Excellent airflow control
  • Dual post velocity style deck
  • 10mm juice well ideal for cloud chasers
  • Best cheap RDA
  • 510 compatible drip tip and a connection pin
  • Not for flavor focused vaping
  • A real juice sucker

This is the cheapest Rebuildable dripper atomizer on this 10 best RTA on the market 2018.  I love everything about this dripper. Overall this RDA is pretty spot on it has great airflow and the flavor is pretty decent.

Vape RDA Guide

This is a Vape RDA Guide to identify the best RDA setup!

RDA means “Rebuildable dripping atomizer”, Vaping can be done with an RTA(Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) or a sub-ohm tank which comes with stock coils and some comes with rebuildable decks.

But RDA stands out because of its unique flavor production and customizability. Using an RDA is more like a hobby, it requires constant dripping for every few hits. Most people who use an RDA are most passionate about vaping. They are more specific on their RDA setup to get their choice of flavor and clouds.  4Post RDA builds can give you more convenience for best RDA coil builds

An RDA tank usually is more spacious which in turn allows you to build more complex coils, you can vape in high wattage coils in relatively less heat towards your lips, Clouds can be produced to the fullest by a sub-ohm or an RTA, but sensational vaping needs more room between your coils and drip tip, which normally won’t be available with most RTAs and sub-ohms.

When you get an unusual taste while vaping and you want to find out what’s the problem, you may end up removing and unscrewing several parts and getting juice all over your hands, but an RDA is very handy, just open the top cap and you can see your coils and wicks.

When you choose RDA starter kits or looking for a device which suits you the most, there are quite a few things you should check before buying one for yourself. I’ll make your search easy with the list of best RBA for beginners and vintage vapers available in the market today.

In a Nutshell,

When you start looking for a good atomizer for cloud chasing or flavor chasing, features, convenience, customizability, and cost of buying and cost of vaping all plays equally significant roles.

Your friends and neighbors or colleagues among vaping community could’ve given you totally contradicting suggestions on device choice, But with a little thinking, you can understand completely that, after couple weeks of vaping, you’ll get the urge for exploring more into building coils and enhancing your sensation. E-cigs are the good alternative to cigarettes.

Exactly from there you’ll start considering ‘customizability’ and ‘cost’ a lot, here’s where Rebuildable dripping atomizers plays the imminent role of giving you a cost-effective benefits in terms of compatibility and cloud or flavor production ability, to get the same from a stock coil in a  sub-ohm tank or a non RBA, RDA tank you’ll have to spend 4 or 5 times higher cost, and you may still not be able to get your desired vaping experience.

I have reviewed a lot of RDA’s and drippers. If you’re interested in improving your vaping experience, finding the best Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer or the best RTA atomizer is one of the best ways to do it. But what are the best RDA tanks to buy as of right now?

RDA tanks can totally change the way you are vaping, It makes you learn a lot about crazy and cool coil building, Every experienced vaper among the community was a beginner once, for those beginners an RDA teaches to find their comforts and passionate vaping experience with its wide choices for different vaping styles.

Hope you decided on your best Rebuildable dripping atomizer among the above list today.

Happy Vaping!!!

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