New Vape Mods Coming Out Soon in 2019 – (Best Upcoming Box Mods)

Looking for the new vape mods coming out in 2019? The best thing about the vaping industry is the good number of new vape products that hit the market on a regular basis.

We make sure to bring you the latest vaping equipment so you can enjoy the ultimate vaping experience. If you are looking for the cool and stylish box mod or the new rugged vape mod, I have listed everything here! The new vape box mods vape come in all shapes and sizes.

There are always new box mods coming out, but this year is one of the best to buy vaping products. Since vaping industry boom with new advances in e-cig technology!

Here is the latest and most popular latest vape box mods, starter kits, rugged mods, e-cigs and vape pens in the industry. Also check the newest vaporizers here!

Bookmark this page to get up to date information on new vaping products and those that are coming soon. Here is the best selection of new vape Gears available on the market 2019 at a cheap price.

New Vape Mods Coming Out in 2019

Let’s see the new vape mods coming out in 2019.

VaporFi V-Grip 75 TC MOD

new vape mods coming out

Love this mod! Very nice new style, a lot more versatile than many of the new mods coming out right now. It’s very elegant and works great. The exterior is just sexy too, amazing to the touch. This is by far the best and most bang for the buck.

It is a compact mod, feels very lightweight, and fits comfortably in your hand as well as on your pockets. This box mod vapes big clouds, and the flavor is magnificent. Not cheap or crappy; just perfect.

This vape mod offers a ton of power for being so small. Great smooth draw and brings an incredible flavor with each hit!

SMOK Species 230W Vape Starter Kit w/TFV8 Baby V2 Tank

new vapes coming out

The SMOK Species is one of the new vape mods just released in the market. The most powerful mod from the well-known brand SMOK!

The Species 230W is a highly sophisticated vaping setup for both beginners and advanced vapers. It produces thickest and puffiest clouds. So this new box mod is a boon to the cloud chasers!

This newly released vape mod has a lot of advanced features. This box mod has a touchscreen feature, easy setup, portable, high wattage, intelligent atomizer, strong construction, puff monitoring,  bright and clear screen, good battery life and large e-liquid capacity. I highly recommend this vape mod for cloud chasers!

Wismec Active 80W Vape Starter Kit w/ Bluetooth Speaker

new vape mods coming soon

Wismec is famous for making extremely reliable and highly functional vaping hardware. The Wismec Active 80W Vape Starter Kit is a good one for beginners.

This upcoming vape mod delivers all of the features that improve your vaping experience. This vape box mod is blessed with a blue tooth speaker to enjoy music while vaping.

This vape mod also has a good battery life and comes with a Sub-Ohm Tank! This mod has the same features of the advanced mods available on the market. So worth buying for the beginners!

Vaporesso Tarot Baby 85W Vape Starter Kit

newly released vape mods

I think no introduction is needed for Vaporesso. Their latest innovation is the Vaporesso Tarot Baby 85W Vape Starter Kit. This is a mini or small box mod and perfect for stealth vaping!

The solid stainless steel construction, plenty of protection features, two adjustable buttons, and Delrin wide bore drip tip makes this box mod stands unique in such a crowded space.

SMOK G-PRIV Baby Luxe Edition Vape Starter Kit

new stylish vape mods

Another upcoming vape mod from SMOK. But this one is a very powerful mod with a lot of safety features.

This is the most rugged box mod and has a gorgeous appearance. The ergonomic design is extremely comfortable to grip and stunning to look at. This prevents from slipping.

Again it is a temperature control mod, OLED screen, whopping 8mL of e-liquid tank, compact design with powerful features.

Innokin Proton Plex 235W Vape Starter Kit

most popular vape box mods

This is the most advanced new vape mod coming out in 2019! This vape kit is ideal for vapers of all levels. This is a perfect one for cloud chasers and flavor lovers. This upcoming box mod looks good at ergonomics and features!

Vaporesso Renova Zero All-in-One Vape Pod System

any new rugged vape mods coming out

This new vape mod is for travel lovers. This mini mod is very compact, stylish, lightweight and very easy to carry. This upcoming box modis packed with decent features and good for beginner vapers.

This vape box mod is not suitable for advanced users who need more power and clouds with long lasting battery!


new rugged vape mods coming out

The Geek vape Nova is the new stylish and ergonomic vape box mod that is just now released in the market. The looks and design are great.

Driptech DS Dual 18650 Squonk MOD by 528 Custom Vapes

latest vape mods

For Squonk mod lovers, 528 Custom vapes designed this most incredible squonk mod.

This squonk mod is the latest dual 18650 battery mod, and it works to power up the performance for excellent squonking.

Sigelei Origin Ultra Portable Vape

new vape Gears

What are the best box mods of 2019? Search no longer. Here is one of the newest vape mods in the market!

If you’re interested in switching to a portable pod mod vaping device, this vape mod is for you! A fresh new design to enter the ultra-portable side of the market,

The Sigelei Origin Ultra Portable System is a simple and convenient all-in-one, an ultra portable system that is perfect for users looking for an all-day vaping device!

Eleaf iWu Vape Pod Starter Kit

new vape Gears in market

The Eleaf iWu 15W Pod System is a new innovative vape pen kit for vaping. The Eleaf iWu is portable and compact all-in-one pod system designed for all level of vaping. But it suits well for beginner vapers.

Small and ultra-portable pod style vape mod. This vape mod is the best option for vapers on the go or simply looking for an easy to use pod vape.

Joyetech ESPION Silk 80W TC 

new vapes releasing soon


Joyetech always make innovations to the e-Cigs! Meet the latest Joyetech ESPION Silk TC Kit now! The Joyetech ESPION Silk is a sophisticated and powerful TC Kit.

ESPION Silk, with the application of hypo-allergic properties, is smooth to touch and comfortable even for people with sensitive skin.

This new vape mod is light weighted and fits your hand comfortably. The Built-in 2800mAh battery gives you a long-lasting battery life, so you can get longer vape session.

Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 100W Squonk Starter Kit

new vape Gears coming soon

The Pico Squeeze 2 is a new regulated Squonker, an upgraded version of previous Pico Squeeze kit, coming with the Coral 2 RDA with adjustable airflow.

Eleaf Pico Squeeze 2 100W Starter Kit is a great travel-friendly kit, and featuring an 8 mL capacity squonk bottle. This Squonk vape mod Kit is a new compact e-cigarette kit which is powered by a replaceable 18650/21700 battery.

Sigelei Sobra 198w TC Starter Kit

upcoming vape mods

The Sigelei Sobra 198W TC Starter Kit offers a decorative snake themed vaping device. I contain a dual 18650 battery capable of firing up to 198 Wattage with a full range of temperature control.

This is an exceptionally attractive and highly functional vaping device for anyone who craves powerful hits and lots of vapor.

OVNS Cookie Ultra-Portable Vape Pod Starter Kit

upcoming box mods

The OVNS Cookie AIO Starter Kit is a truly portable vaping device for anyone who enjoys the pod style of vaping. This upcoming vape mod is a small, robust and miniature ultra portable vape that features an intuitive refillable pod system.

SnowWolf O-100 100W Squonk Vape Starter Kit

new vape mods coming out

What are the best vape mods of 2019 in Snowolf series? Here are the newest vape mods in the market released by Snowwolf!

The SnowWolf O-100 100W Squonk Starter Kit is the latest advanced squonk kit with luxurious design elements. It has whopping 7 ml e-juice tank capacity. If you want to take your squonk game to the next level, try this new squonk vape mod.

USV VIA240 240W TC Vape Mod

popular vape box mods

The VIA 240 Box is an Electronic Mod made by the Americans United States of Vape in collaboration with VO Tech. he USV ARC-240 is a comfortable, unique, well-performing mod designed especially for advanced vapers.

Tesla Invader IV 280W Vape Box MOD

new e-cigs coming out

Tesla Invader IV vape mod Kit comes with 280W box mod and 25 mm RDA. The new Tesla Invader 4 Box Mod is a simple and easy to use 280-watt capable mod with five different voltage levels. It’s the lightest 21700 box mod in the market right now. Come on! Let’s check it!!!

Vandy Vape X Tony B Pulse X BF 90W Starter Kit

new vape pens coming out

This is one of the best vape mod coming out. This Vandy Vape Pulse X BF Squonk Kit is designed by Vandy Vape & Tony B, which is powered by a single 18650 or 20700 battery and support 90W max output power.

The vape mod starter kit is the upgrade from the original Pulse Squonk Kit and is another collaboration with Tony B from Vapor Trail. Constructed by plastic body and transparent panel, it is a light-weight bottom feeding device.

Vapor Storm ECO Kit 90W Box Mod

new vape mods coming out soon

Vapor Storm ECO 90W Box Mod is a fabulous mod with graffiti design. Its light weight makes it very easy to use.

Vapor Storm presents the ECO 90W Box Mod paired with the Lion RDA, a starter kit made of lightweight ABS material, a gold-plated build deck and utilizes a single 18650 battery.  Distinguished from others, Vapor Storm ECO 90W Kit features personalized cool graffiti colors to meet your needs.

Kwit Stick Ultra Portable vape

new vape pens coming out

The Kwit Stick Ultra-Portable Starter Kit is the complete collection of the Kwit Stick Battery and the entire line of Kwit Salt Nicotine E-Liquids in a convenient refillable pod.

The Kwit Stick Pod Mod Device is going to be the pod mod system that you are going to enjoy taking several draws out of. The KWIT Stick maintains a discrete form factor, allowing for easy vaping on-the-go.

EonSmoke Pod V2 Ultra Portable System

new vape mods coming out soon

Ultra-Portable Pod Systems and Vape Pod Vaporizers that we carry are the smallest full Pod Devices.

EonSmoke and its JUUL compatible pods stormed onto the scene as a way of competing with JUUL’s own line of pods and have quickly grown as the second option for JUUL users, that led to the creation of the V2 Ultra Pod Mod by EonSmoke.

Truly convenient, colorful, and strikingly better suited for all day use when compared to the king of ultra-portable pod mods.

Hecig Big Hero Wax Pen Kit 

newly released vape pen

Hecig Big Hero Weed Wax Pen Vaporizer us a classic pen shape vaporizer for wax. More colors choose suitable for a different consumer. Designed to be the all-in-one solution to dabs on-the-go. With the modern magnetic connection, the Functional Coil cap can prevent messy leaks.

Vaptio Super Bat Kit 220W with Frogman Tank

latest vape box mods

Vaptio Super Bat Kit is a multi-purpose vape kit with powerful performance and skilled workmanship design.

VAPTIO presents the Super Bat 220W TC Starter Kit a uniquely stylized kit with a large 1.3 inch TFT Screen, full temperature control suite, and a maximum output of 220W.


latest vape box mods

LUXOTIC NC devotes to providing you with incomparable vaping experience.

LUXOTIC NC, a new member of LUXOTIC series, is another masterpiece designed by JayBo. Compatible with dual 18650/20700 batteries.

In a Nutshell,

Need the new vape mods coming out in 2019? We bring you the latest vaping gears so you can enjoy the vaping at a core level.

This page features all the latest vape mods of 2019 and is updated daily with the new vape mods coming out on a regular basis. So bookmark it for future reference!

Here is the latest and most popular vape box mods, rugged mods, starter kits, and vape pens in the vaping industry. Also check the newest vaporizers here!

If you are looking for the cool and stylish box mod or the new rugged vape mod, I have listed everything here! The new vape box mods vape come in all shapes and sizes. Bookmark this page to get up to date information on new vaping products and those that are coming soon.

Above I have listed the best selection of new vape gears available on the market 2019 at a cheap price. Let’s see the new vape mods coming out in 2019 and grab your everyday vape now!

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