Best 100 VG E-Juice 2019 – 10 Best 100% Max High VG E-Liquids Brands

Need the best 100 VG juice 2019?

Vapers are united in vaping but unique in liking. Some people may like vape juice with best flavors, some would like high 100% max VG vape juice for clouds.

Though the liking is different, all vapers would love clouds in one way or the other. The max VG vape juices are the best choice for people who want more smoother and sweet throat hits in their vaping session.

Sub ohm vaping can be done at its best with high VG e-liquids. There are people who started moving to high VG vape juice to get smooth throat hits. If you are a beginner vaper, you might enjoy testing various VG PG mix, but in long run, you would obviously need something smoother.

The most popular vape juice brands have increased High VG e-juice flavors in their offerings due to an increase in consumption of Max VG vape juices.

Out of thousands of 100% max VG e-liquids, choosing the top flavor may be tougher than you think. Trying all the e-juice flavors available in the market may lead to set Guinness record and you may not like the idea better.

After hearing a lot of comments and feedback from experienced vapers, tried and tested several vape juice brands and vape flavors, I have shortlisted the best 100 VG e-liquid brands of 2019.

10 Best 100% Max VG E-Juice 2019 – Review

1. Vaporfi Grand Reserve 100% VG

best 100 vg juice

Vaporfi Grand Reserve is one among the best rated and most popular vape juice flavors in the market, you can choose VG ratio of up to 70% in your vape juice.

A wide range of flavors you can choose among, few of those have got the best ratings among vapers and bloggers for its mind-boggling flavors and smooth throat hits.

Vaporfi manufactures its vape juice flavors in the USA, it has got USFDA approved lab to prepare those top rated e-liquids.

The range of e-juice flavors it has can make you go nuts before choosing your favorite one, even if you are an experienced vaper who tried a lot of best-rated e-liquids you will be spending a lot of time browsing through the list of flavors available for your procurement.

If you are not interested in trying your custom blended vape juice flavor, you can try looking at the index to choose the type of e-liquid flavor you might be interested in, once you get into the list you’ll be amazed to see the choice of flavors you can buy from Vaporfi.

For me, I liked the juice bundles more interesting, as those are the ones which don’t make you bored after few vape sessions.

Vaporfi e-liquids are one of the best vape juice brands that hold better reputation and brand credibility, after all, you need a trusted vape juice brand to buy something you’re gonna to inhale regularly. It also offers you a great range of high VG e-liquid flavors.

2. Mig Vapor Vimanna High VG Juice

best 100 vg e liquid

Mig Vapor is one among the most used vape brand which has launched so many vape starter kits and pen vapes that are well received among vapers.

MIG Vapor Vimanna is a custom blend of vape juice that can be made to your desire. When you hit the seller site, it first asks you to select the quantity, you can choose among 15,30,60 or 120ml.

On the next page it asks you to choose the VG/PG mix ratio where you are given only two choices, you can choose among 50:50 or High VG, when moving on to the next page you get to mix any 5 flavors in your custom e-liquid, there are a wide range of flavors which you can choose to mix in your custom blend vape juice flavor.

All the bottles are made with food grade materials and are perfectly safe to use it for storing e-liquids, you can name your custom blend as per your wish and it gets stored in their database, also printed on the package.

MIG Vapor also let you opt for subscriptions, if you choose to subscribe then you will be getting the shipping for free. This is one of the best custom blend vape juice flavors in the market.

MIG Vapor didn’t mention the VG ratio for its max VG option, but then when I tried a max VG vape juice flavor it was pretty smooth and tasty. I understood why they restricted the lower cap for VG at 50%, this is one among the top rated vape juice flavor that is available with custom blend option.

3. American Red Tobacco Vape Juice

best vg juice

American Red Tobacco vape juice is one of the most liked flavors by Americans historically, American culture and its history cannot be written without Red Tobacco, back in times there were only cigars been used for tobacco consumption and Red Tobacco was widely used across the country.

Vaporfi as a popular vape juice brand has taken the right theme to attract vapers who always wanted the scent and taste of tobacco in their favorite e-liquid flavors.

It also succeeded to deliver the best e-liquid flavor with a fairly good amount of clouds even with 50:50 VG mix, when it comes to the flavor you get the subtle smell of the red tobacco and clouds based on the VG ratio.

If you are selecting the high VG e-liquid flavor then you should remember that you get to enjoy lesser scent and taste of red tobacco due to the increased sweetness of the High VG Mix.

The tobacco sensation this e-liquid flavor offers is one of the finest among the top e-liquids that has tobacco flavor in it, the taste and sensation when paired with the warmness of vapor can take you back to the days when native American red tobacco was smoked.

Vaporfi has many e-juice flavors that have got top ratings for their accurate taste and sensation, this is one among those best vape juice flavor that attracted a large group of vapers. Vaporfi also gives you discounts on the bill when buying more than one bottle of vape juice.

4. Menthol Freeze Max Vape Juice

best max vg juice

Menthol Freeze Vape juice has got a huge market share among best selling popular vape juice brands. In fact, menthol as a flavor is proved to be the second most bought flavors from any popular vape juice brand.

Traditionally Vapers were once smokers and like the taste and sensation of menthol in their favorite e-liquid flavors. High VG mix is available at your choice.

But in my opinion 70/30 ratio should be fine for powerful high wattage or sub ohm vape setups, When you inhale this e-juice flavor, you can feel the cool menthol all over your mouth and throat, followed by the warmness of vapor mimics the cig-alike sensation which is why this is one of the most popular vape juice flavor that has got tons of love from vapers.

The formula and recipe for this e-liquid flavor are registered with USFDA and is certified as food grade vaping material.

The bottles they use to pack this vape juice flavor is made using food grade materials that can withstand extreme weather conditions without affecting the quality of vape juice on your way home.

On the whole, this is one of the best vape juice flavors that can satisfy your urge for cig-alike menthol hits.

Vaporfi delivers the best vape juice flavor with right proportion of taste and smell to mimic the actual menthol cigarette. This is one among the top five flavors in our list and also among the top-selling vape juice flavors.

5. Banana Cream Pie Max VG Vape

100 vg e liquid brands

Banana Cream Pie Vape juice is an authentic vape juice flavor from the team of Glas. This is one of the best vape juice flavors which has got a lot of best ratings among users and bloggers.

It mimics the taste and sensation of Banana and creampie dessert almost like identical, there are many e-liquids from popular vape brands that offer candy flavors instead of the original flavors.

But this is one of the best e-liquid that offers you the custard filled banana and creampie taste and feel with great similarity. An everyday vape can’t be so intense, otherwise, you’ll be bored after few sessions, this e-juice vape flavor has a mild and tasty mix of Banana and cream pie, you’ll not get bored even after several days of regular vaping with this vape juice flavor.

Banana Cream pie Vape juice is manufactured in the USA using food grade materials which are certified by USFDA for safety. The materials used to construct the bottles are all FDA certified and is absolutely safe to use, it can withstand harsh weather and still protect the quality of the vape juice with no change in the taste or aroma.

You can choose 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine with this e-liquid flavor, unlike other candy flavors you’ll get to enjoy the actual thick dense banana and creampie dessert with this vape juice flavor, one among the top e-juice flavors in the market which you can’t afford to miss.

6. Apollo FAQ Max VG Vape E-liquid

best high vg e juice

Apollo is a popular vape brand that has launched a series of vape kits and e-liquid flavors that are with and without nicotine. It is one of the top-rated vape juice brands that delivers amusing flavors for your enjoyment.

It has grouped its offerings for you to easily identify your favorite e-juice flavor in the offering. The FAQ is the group which has Max VG mix with some splendid flavors. Max VG offers you 80% VG and 20% PG for a more smoother inhale with enjoyable flavors that won’t irritate.

Few flavors in the FAQ are most popular vape juice flavors that are well received in the market, apart from the fact that best Max VG e-liquids are a great option for cloud chasing, FAQ e-liquids also offer more than mild flavors that don’t bore you even if you use this as your all day vape juice.

FAQ series as of now has five max VG e-liquid flavors such as Coney Apple, Guava Blast, Miss Samoa, Green Party, and Funky Monkey.

All the said flavors offer high VG option and you can also choose the nicotine level based on your needs. 0Mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg nicotine mix can opt with FAQ series of Max VG e-liquid flavors.

Most of the top flavors with High VG mix doesn’t offer 24mg nicotine, but Apollo FAQ allows you to opt for a maximum of 24mg nicotine with its Max VG e-liquid flavors to satisfy the nicotine cravings to a great extent. Nice flavors paired with great cloud production makes this one of the best Max VG vape juice.

7. Hype Blue Slushee High VG E-Liquid

best max vg e juice brands

Hype Blue Slushee E-liquid is from Propaganda, one of the known name among popular vape juice brands that offer unique and innovative High VG e-liquids in its offerings.

Hype Blue Slushee can potentially be an alternative for menthol lovers who would like some flavors with the chill. Hype collection from Propaganda offers many best rated High VG e-juice flavors that offers better flavors than other popular vape juices with high VG, but this Max VG e-liquid only offers 70%VG.

However it doesn’t compromise on producing huge clouds, Blue Slushee offers you a cool vape with mesmerizing blueberry taste when you exhale, not all Max VG e-liquids can offer flavors as strong as Blue slushee High VG e-liquid from Hype collection.

The vape juice brand is based out of southern California, all the materials used to manufacture these e-liquid flavors are food grade and are certified by US-FDA for safety.

Nicotine strength is not at par with best nicotine e-liquid flavors, yet you can have minimum nicotine strength with this e-liquid. It offers 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine mix.

If you are a person who needs minimum nicotine strength to manage your nicotine cravings then this is going to be the best vape juice flavor that also offers great flavors and clouds.

If you want a best Max VG e-liquid with high nicotine mix, then you should be looking at other options in our list of best Max VG vape juices, Hype collection is created focusing on the needs of vapers who want huge clouds and more than mild flavors with little nicotine mix.

8. YOGI 100% Max VG E-Liquid – Peanut Butter Banana Yogi

best max vg e liquid

YOGI E-liquid is one of the popular vape juice flavors in the market that has got its own place among the top e-liquid flavors.

Peanut Banana Yogi can be your all day vape juice, it comes with Max VG option and the flavor is carefully baked focusing not to irritate the back of your throat, the granola bar taste mixed with the undertones of banana is a great companion for your mood swings, and the subtle honey taste in this High VG vape juice improves the overall sensation while you inhale and exhale.

Most people like eating granola bars, those will enjoy this Max VG e-liquid to the core. The ingredients used to manufacture this High VG vape juice are food grade, it is perfectly alright to inhale this e-liquid.

The bottle is made sturdily using thick and fine materials to prevent the outside temperature from changing the quality of vape juice, looks and feels strong when you hold this in your hands.

The High VG e-liquid offers you better cloud production, cloud chasers will like any high VG vape juice if they can get flavors along with mind-blowing clouds.

This mood based offering deserves the price tag, given to the quality and sustainability this is a great choice among best high VG e-liquids.

If you like eating Granola bars, if you want mild flavors along with huge cloud in your high VG e-liquid, then obviously this is one of the good choices among best Max VG e-liquids in the market. Worth adding to your vape gear.

9. AUDIOFOG MAX VG – Red Label Reverb

best 100 vg e liquid brands

Red Label Reverb e-liquid is more or less a remake of its original Reverb flavor from AudioFog Max VG E-liquids, but this time with more in the recipe. Made using food grade materials and packed in high-quality bottles for safety.

Strawberry flavor has been tried by almost all popular vape juice brands in different styles and mix, one or the other strawberry e-liquid flavor has been always on the top five best e-liquids in the market.

Red Label Reverb Max VG vape juice is one among the premium vape juices that perfectly blended to deliver the ultimate strawberry taste while vaping.

With the creamy undertones, you get the ultra-rich strawberry sensation throughout your inhale and exhale, among hundreds of strawberry flavors this is one of the top rated best e-juice flavors that delivers what you love the most in strawberries.

Nicotine strength is capped at 6mg, you can choose among 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The given nicotine strength in this e-liquid flavor cannot satisfy deep nicotine cravings but can help cope up while you are trying to quit smoking. The Max VG option produces huge clouds along with nice flavors for your taste buds.

Just like other top rated high VG e-liquids Red label Reverb is one of the great choices for cloud chasing, if you like strawberry flavor in common then you’ll obviously love this Max VG vape juice flavor a lot. Worth buying.

10. Surf Cake 100% VG e-Juice

best high vg e juice brands

Surf Cake e-juice is a unique mix among high VG e-liquids, cheesecake coupled with blueberries creates a mind-blowing flavor.

The taste and aroma of the cheesecake can be felt with each inhale, reasonable amount of blueberry taste paired with slight sweetness makes this a rare proposition. Though the flavor of this high VG e-liquid is enjoyable, the overall strength of the taste, aroma and sensation id pretty smooth and mild.

If you like the recipe and trying to understand if it is suitable for all-day usage, absolutely this Max VG vape juice can be your all day vape juice.

Packed in a high-quality bottle, the bottle cap is made of thick plastic with a knurled grip. It is absolutely easy to use, can load any of your cartridges and vape tanks.

No nicotine option is available in this top-rated vape juice, the maximum nicotine strength is capped at 12MG, such strength can definitely satisfy your nicotine craving along with amusing flavor production.

The 65:35 is the VG mix ratio, cloud chasers can load this with smaller tanks also, slightly less thickness makes this a good choice for smaller vape tanks. One of the best vape juice flavor that can grab your interest with its flavor and cloud production.

Surf Cake E-juice is one among the best rated 100% VG e-juice flavor. It is cost effective and lasts longer, at the same time, it delivers huge cloud production and excellent flavor.

Best Max Vg Juice 2019 – Buying Guide

Why do you need High VG E-liquids?

High VG mix means, more of vegetable glycerin and less propylene glycol. Vegetable glycerin is the component that is responsible for the cloud production while vaporizing.

All the cloud chasers and sub-ohm vapers need a vape juice which is thick and also has their favorite flavors. Only a 100 VG e-juice can provide the best possible cloud production, but it won’t be able to deliver the intense and enjoyable flavors as good as High VG e-liquids.

E-juice with high VG mix normally comes with 70:30 ratio, higher than this level can produce more clouds, but also tend to be very thick and can fit in only bigger vape tanks.

Low flavor choices is another important aspect, after all, nobody would want to stick with the same flavor till lifetime, right?

Best E-liquid Brands with Max VG Mix

There are several best e-juice brands in the market, but what suits best typically becomes the best vape juice brand for you. User preference plays a vital role in defining a best e-liquid brand, most of the vapers prefer 70 or 80% VG mix with a subtle flavor, those are the ones that become all-day vape juice.

Another important reason behind sticking with a fewer number of flavors is that offers and discounts mostly come on large quantities. When your purchase is limited to fewer flavors, then you’ll be able to buy large quantities which qualify for offers and discounts.

List of best e-liquid brands includes names like Yogi E-liquids, Vaporfi E-liquids, MIG Vapor, MTBaker Vapor, and Audiofog. All the said vape juice brands offer high VG mix and various nicotine strength in its offering. Zero nicotine vape juice is also available.

Flavors ranging from tobacco to literally all fruits, cakes, desserts, and drinks. When you get to choose among such a huge list of max VG liquids, you will be able to get exactly what you want.

I have shortlisted the top e-juice flavors which have high VG mix for your consideration. Hope the review about the best 100% max VG e-liquid 2019 was helpful to get your max VG vape juice. Happy Vaping!!!

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