5 Best Disposable E-Cigs 2019 – Review of Disposable E Cigarette Brands

Disposable E-cigs – If you want to enjoy vaping without considering about getting an e-liquid, loaded it on a tank and maintaining a vape mod? You can go for the disposable e-cigs. Here I reviewed the 5 best disposable e-cigs brands of 2019.

Disposable E-cigs have evolved and advance over past decade. Traditional cigarettes have been the passion among people before E-cigs, several smokers are migrating to the habit of Vaping.

Vaping can be done with a Non-RBA, RTA or Rebuild-able drippers and tank atomizers or vaporizers, but even before knowing how it works and other stuff, people consider E-cigarettes as a gateway to the vaporizers.

A Disposable Vapor cigarette has no hassles of filling e-juice or understanding about ohms law. It works simply like a traditional cigarette, you just throw away the disposable e-cigarette once you’re done. Also, disposable E-cigs comes in different flavors and you can choose your desired nicotine levels along with menthol or a regular nicotine.

Best Disposable E-Cig Brands 2019 – Comparison

E Cig BrandsPuffs ApproxMax Nicotine rangeCost
1. 400 Puff V2 Disposables 4001.80%
2. 400 Puff Zig-Zag Disposables4002.40%
3. Logic Smoke Disposable e Cigarettes5002.40%
4. NE Where Disposable Ecigs5002.20%
5. ProSmoke Disposable Ecigs4001.80%

Does Disposable E-cigarettes Come Without Nicotine?

Disposable E-cigarettes also comes without nicotine, if you want to quit nicotine these are the best choice for you, no need of quitting the habit of inhaling clouds and at the same time, you can completely avoid nicotine.

When you try an electronic cigarette for the first time, you may get a little disappointed, because E-cigs are not like traditional cigarettes which provides your lungs with smoke filled with nicotine and chemicals.

Disposable E-cigs provides with your lung full of flavored or non-flavored vapor which can more or less imitate a traditional cigarette, it’s not going to be raw and hard, it’ll feel so smooth, so if you’re a chain smoker, then you better make up your mind strongly for a pace of change.

Which is the Best Disposable E-Cig Brand 2019? – Complete Review

But which E-cig brand is best? How to choose the best disposable E-cigarette? It’s true that there are so many E-cigarette brands which feature different intensity levels and flavor choices, some are worth the money, but many are not even worth considering.

To help you in choosing the best disposable e-cig let me take you through the list of top 5 best-rated e-cigarettes review for your considerations.

1. 400 Puff V2 Disposables (5-Pack)

best disposable e cig

V2 is one of the very familiar brands across vaporizers and electronic cigarettes market. The retail reach of V2 is almost everywhere. It is the best disposable e cig of all time.

The price you’re paying for 5 pack is absolutely heart stealing! V2 Disposable electronic cigarettes provide you with a lot of clouds and best throat hit experience.

If you are a person who likes nicotine and menthol in terms of flavor, you’re never ever gonna think about trying a different brand than V2. The raw vape experience offered by a V2 disposable E-cig cannot be replaced by any other Disposable E-cig brands.

V2 is the best buddy for people who want to quit smoking as the nicotine level of V2 is a meager 1.8%. So you can vape with a confidence that you’re not harming yourself or other passive smokers with this less nicotine level.

V2 lags on only one thing, which is the flavor choice. If you’re a person who vapes for tasting different flavors, you may get disappointed, because V2 only offers Red tobacco flavor and menthol flavor.

There is a pretty good reason behind it I think because most people who choose V2 disposable E-cigs really like the smoking experience which doesn’t harm their health. They like the two classic flavors of a traditional cigarette that is tobacco and menthol. So for flavor loving people, next time when you’re in a mood of trying a cigarette, try V2 disposable electronic cigarette instead, you will fall in love with this top e-cig brand.

  • 24$ for 5pack is considerably cheaper compared to other E-cigarette brands
  • The battery last longer than re-usable electronic cigarettes
  • Can choose among the nicotine levels from 0.6% to 1.8%
  • Excellent realistic flavors and great throat hit
  • Flavor choice is limited to “red tobacco” and “menthol”
  • No single packs available, either 3 or a 5 pack to be bought even if you want to try it.

V2 has given a fine disposable electronic cigarette for people who don’t want to quit the sensation of nicotine but want to reduce the nicotine intake drastically. The flavors from this E-cig are limited but intense, paired with the best throat hit experience, you can totally feel and enjoy the approximation of a traditional cigarette and over time and practice you can adopt for vaping and can keep your health at check.

2. 400 Puff Zig-Zag Disposables (5-Pack)

nicotine free disposable electronic cigarette

Zig-Zag is partnered with a very familiar brand V2. Since it is partnered with a front-runner in E-cigarettes, it created a lot of expectations in the market.

The 5-pack costs lesser than that of V2’s. The packaging looks pretty neat and admirable, you’ll find the electronic cigarettes properly assembled on a plastic tray inside the E-cig pack and each device are sealed with a rubber cap.

The disposable mimics an actual cigarette with it’s looks. The edge of the E-cig glows red while in use. A “captain Zig-Zag” is watermarked around the base. While on the flavor front disposable e-cigarettes from zig-zag are similar to the V2 brand.

Zig-zag comes in two flavors, you can choose among red tobacco and menthol flavor. Flavor intensity is at par with the best-rated E-cigarettes in the market.

Vapor production of this zig-zag E-cigarette is limited but most enjoyable and especially if you’re a beginner it can turn you into a cloud chaser with its amusing flavor with clouds. It falls short of being the very best disposable e-cigarette you can buy.

The battery for this E-cig provides with an excellent backup, Lasts one full day for 200puff and lasts two days for a 400puff. The battery power keeps up well even on heavy vaping. The disposable doesn’t get overheated so that the battery doesn’t drain faster.

  • Traditional cigarette alike design
  • Long lasting battery power
  • Relatively less costly than its rivals
  • Great flavor production
  • Flavor choice limited to red tobacco and menthol.
  • Cloud production could’ve been better.

Zig-zag disposable E-cigarettes are similar to V2 and created a nice impression, most top rated e-cigs are being admired for their battery life and intense flavor, Zig-zag E-cigarette scored well on those parameters. Price is really competitive given to the quality. Worth the money and consideration.

3. Logic Smoke Disposable e-Cigarettes

longest lasting disposable e cig

Logic’s Disposable e-cigarette looks nice, made of fine material, the size of this e-cig is almost similar to a traditional cigarette.

Logic claims itself to be a leader of e-cigarettes market, but let’s dig in deeper to understand more about the disposable, relevant features alone can’t satisfy every user, people who want to switch to vaping from smoking would expect an alternate for a cigarette.

To be precise, a smoker struggles to quit smoking not only because of the urge for nicotine, but another major psychological reason is also the taste and sensation of the tobacco.

Each and every user who wants to choose an alternative for cigarette via E-cigs would want a similar taste and sensation with lowest possible nicotine content so that they don’t feel like they’ve quit smoking but practically they’ve quit.

Logic failed to offer the most important need of a vaper, the flavor of tobacco doesn’t actually taste like a cigarette, menthol flavor does at least a decent job by giving a better than the tobacco flavor.

Vapor production is not so attractive, the reason is that Logic doesn’t use vegetable glycerin which is the main ingredient for vapor production in their e-cig.

Battery life scores high compared with many big e-cigarette brands, it is one of the longer lasting batteries for disposable e-cigarettes.

Overall many users found menthol flavor along with slightly tight draw simulates a cigarette. After going through several best reviews on e-cigarette I have seen a bad customer service as a common complaint among many users.

  • Design and menthol flavor can simulate a cigarette smoking experience
  • Longer lasting batteries
  • Cigarette alike design
  • Decent throat hit
  • Flavors are limited to two choices
  • Bad customer service
  • Poor vapor production

This Disposable electronic cigarette has been able to crack the liking of several users with its menthol flavor and lowest nicotine levels. Battery performance is out of the question, not a cheap e-cig either, but still lacks the quality, flavor and vapor production. Since it comes in 1 pack, you can just give it a try before totally discarding it. Worth trying.

4. NE Where Disposable Ecigs

best disposable electronic cigarette

NE Where disposable e-cigs comes like an athlete on the tip, ready to go once you open the package, just go on vaping till you’re done and dispose it at your will.

NE where is lengthier than a cigarette, looks attractive in silver / metallic color, almost gives a posh feel while you hold it between your fingers.

Draws from this longest e-cigarette are smooth but not far away from hard throat hits, still can give you a better throat hit than most e-cigs out there.

The battery performance is above the average that of other e-cigarettes across brands, can last longer, in other terms it can run for about 420 to 460 puffs approximately.

The nicotine level differs flavor to flavor ranges from zero to 1.8%, this range shows us that this disposable e-cig is not all about nicotine, there is much more to it.

There are a variety of flavors, Watermelon, for instance, comes with zero nicotine, but the flavor is so amusing and intense, you can actually feel like tasting a watermelon.

There are several other flavors, but the only setback is that each flavor has only one pre-fixed nicotine level, you cannot choose higher or lower. But the flavor production makes this one of a best disposable electronic cigarette for flavor lovers.

  • High-quality construction and design
  • Longest lasting batteries for e-cigs in this price range
  • Variety of intense flavors
  • Huge cloud production
  • Pre-fixed nicotine levels do not allow you to choose your desired level of nicotine.

NE Where E-cigarette costs you 10 bucks, justifies the money paid with its intense flavors and huge cloud production, battery performance from this best electronic cigarette brand beats the expectations. Ready to vape immediately upon opening the package. Ideal for beginners and flavor lovers

5. ProSmoke Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

disposable e cigarette brands

Prosmoke e-cigarette is one of a known and one among the top rated electronic cigarette brands. Prosmoke is the only E-cigarette brand which got certified by American green business bureau, meaning it is one among the environment-friendly companies who believes in healthy living.

They are keen on delivering their best in each and every product because one bad product can turn a smoker who buys for an alternative for smoking again back to a smoker if he doesn’t like the product.

Prosmoke also focuses on cost-effective products, the 1 pack of smoke e-cig costs you 10 bucks, 4 pack costs you 36bucks which translates to 9 bucks per piece.

When it comes to flavors, only two familiar flavors to offer, classic tobacco and marvelous menthol. Intensity doesn’t come to your mind when there is no much choice of flavors.

Prosmoke disposable electronic cigarettes consist of e-juices filled with a lot of vegetable glycerin juices filled with a lot of vegetable glycerine, which in turn offers you with mass cloud production, at the same time throat hits are pretty smooth.

This is not the cheapest e-cig out there but offers you with nice battery performance which can last up to 400puffs which is better than many other similarly priced electronic disposables.

  • Simple and cig-alike design
  • Longer lasting batteries for electronic cigarette
  • Fairly priced
  • Nice flavor and vapor production with a low level of nicotine
  • Flavors are limited to two
  • Maximum nicotine level is only 1.8%, people looking for higher nicotine level may get disappointed.

Though this is not a cheaper e-cig, Prosmoke disposable offers you an impressive cloud production and intense flavor in a fair price, people looking to quit smoking can choose this to be their partner to achieve their goals. Reliable performance. Highly recommended for beginners.

The above disposable e cigs reviews shows you some top choices on the best disposable e-cigs. Now it is your turn to enjoy disposable e cigarettes.

Best Disposable E-Cig 2019 – Buying Guide

An E-cigarette is absolutely easy to use, traditional E-cigarettes were one-piece design, atomizer or vaporizer, e-juice and battery all in one cig-alike container. You vape it till the battery or e-juice whichever runs out first and just throw it away.

Disposable e-cigarettes: Best for Beginners

A Beginner vaper shall consider an E-cigarette to be the best way to begin, it gives you a handful of advantages, switching from traditional cigarettes to E-cigs proves to be difficult if you’re not stubborn.

At the initial stage of your attempt to quit smoking by shifting to vaping, Disposable E-cigarettes are the best way to test the waters. Cigarettes can be carried in your pockets and can be used practically everywhere.

But a vape tank is about the size of two cigarette packets together, and also filling e-juice, checking the resistance every time, being cautious all the times are being a common problem, E-cigarettes comes for the rescue with all the above-said convenience of traditional Cigarettes.

Nicotine vs Nicotine Free E-cigs

First decide on which part of the play you’re into, If you’re a person looking for quit smoking and nicotine altogether or who wants to lower the nicotine intake in a more safer way. Disposable electronic cigarettes come with different nicotine levels ranging from 0% to above 2%, Safest E-cigs always comes with zero nicotine.

Nicotine free electronic cigarettes are available with most top rated disposable electronic cigarettes. There are quite a few electronic cigarette brands offers you with a complete choice between the said range of nicotine levels.

How to choose the best e cigs for you?

After considering the benefits and setbacks of an e-cigarette, when you decided to go for it, here comes the actual challenge. Picking the right e-cigarette which can totally match your mindset and need can be a difficult task.

There are a lot of gas station e-cigs, if you want to choose one by trying every brand you happen to see in gas stations and retail shops, you’ll most probably go back to smoking again, because not all disposable electronic cigarettes can impress you, not only that, it can push you to decide that vape is not your cup of coffee.

In a Nutshell,

Before choosing the best disposable e-cig 2019 you should thoroughly check the quality, performance, and cost.

You should have an idea about how much are disposable e-cigs costs on an average. How many puffs in an electronic cigarette disposable? Which is the best e-cig to quit smoking?  There are so many best disposable electronic cigarette review sites which can provide you with all those information.

In addition to quality, our disposable electronic cigarette review rankings also consider the cost. You can find the safest disposable e-cigarette among the handful of top rated disposable e-cigs 2019.

Hope the review was helpful. Happy vaping!!!

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