Best E-Juice Flavors 2019 – 10 Popular Vape Juice flavors to Taste in 2019

Are you looking for the best e-juice flavor 2019?

There are so many things that decide your vaping experience, you may have the best vape gear, but it’s the vape juice that decides the level of ecstasy in your vape session.

Flavored vape juices are becoming the chart breaker. Recently, many people who were using only menthol e-liquids and tobacco e-liquids, have already started tasting popular vape juice flavors and boosted vape juices.

The E-liquid market has also evolved over time and attracted so many smokers in to vaping just because they wanted to try those mouthwatering flavored vape juices.

Finding the best nicotine vape juice in 2019 may be easy, but finding a good vape juice flavor proved to be tough among thousands of vape juice flavors and brands out there. There are only few vape juice companies that give you the really good e-juice with high-quality flavors.

If you trying to find the best e-juice flavor by trying each and every one, you’ll have to spend the rest of your life doing that. Top selling e-juice flavors are topping the sales graph for a reason.

To make the vape juice selection easy, I give you the best and affordable vape juice flavors in 2019 for your consideration. Let me walk you through the best e-liquid flavors review.

Best E-Juice Flavor 2019 – Comparison

Best E-Juice FlavorsShort DescriptionPrice
1. Classic Tobacco Vape JuiceClassic tobacco is understated and just that perfect familiar blend. This is the adult flavor for a refined palate that likes a traditional blend. Although having it as vapor will give you the best parts without the smoke, ash or tar.
2. Menthol Freeze Vape JuiceFor a taste so cool that it is almost ice, try our Menthol Freeze. One hit of this juice and you will feel like you can breathe icicles
3. Double Espresso Vape JuiceFor a real pick-me-up, try our double espresso flavor. This espresso flavor is doubly strong, rich and pure. The aroma and taste are heavenly; one inhalation will transport you to the finest café with the best espresso.
4. On Cloud Custard e-JuiceOn Cloud Custard E-juice is a rich vanilla custard with many subtle layers of flavor, an all dae among creamy dessert enthusiasts
5. NAKED 100 - HAWAIIAN POGHawaiian POG by Naked 100 brings the tropics right to your taste buds, presenting a smooth, refreshing and delicious blend of freshly squeezed Orange juice, Passion Fruit's delightfully sweet and tart nectar, and exotically fruity and creamy Guava.
6. American Red Tobacco Vape JuiceThis classic that tastes of American history also boasts USA made juice in a patriotic blend. One puff and you are transported to a better time where the freedom to smoke anywhere rang strong and people got around by horseback.
7. Hawk Sauce E JuiceA tangled dance of blackberry, raspberry and sweet and sour gummi with a nice menthol finish.
8. Yogi Eliquid - Original YogiAll of the subtle sweetness you get in a granola bar is delivered up front with smooth honey notes that bathe your tongue. As you exhale a massive cloud, you’ll get the rich oat flavor that is so satisfying in every bite of a granola bar. The only thing missing is the crunch!
9. Dinner Lady Lemon Tart Premium E-Liquids Lemon Tart eJuice by Dinner Lady is a sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust.
10. Charlie's Chalk Dust Head Bangin BoogieHead Bangin Boogie by Charlie's Chalk Dust features a tropical Blueberry popsicle theme; a Blueberry Ice.

What is the Best E-Juice Flavor?

Honestly, you’ll not be satisfied with one vape juice alone, e-juice flavors and food habit have a correlation, would you drink hot water on a hot day? Definitely not.

Vape juice flavors have almost every single food taste in its various types of e-juice flavors.

Most popular vape juice brands ought to be limited in numbers, but offers you the best vape juice flavors which can suit your mood and your very own lifestyle.

Best e-juices flavors are decided based upon the individual vapers preferences, don’t choose an e-liquid flavor for its unique recipe or attractive advertisements.

Listen to yourself first, understand your lifestyle, your locality’s weather and your liking in terms of food items. Choose the multiple flavors which can be mixed together to make a better flavor, in that way you’ll get several e-juice flavors in the cost of few.

There are so many vape juice brands out there launching new vape flavors each day, you got only a handful of vape juice brands which offers you all the ingredients in right balance. If any of the subtle layers are dosed high, you’ll get bored of the e-liquid flavor sooner than expected.

VG is the short form for Vegetable glycerin, this is the ingredient added to all the vape juice flavors to thicken the e-juice and for vapor production, high VG vape juices tend to produce the huge amount of clouds.

PG is the short form for Propylene glycol and is a common ingredient found in everyday products like toothpaste and some cosmetics. Vape juice flavors which are high in PG content tend to produce thick vapors and are rich in flavors.

You can choose to buy your favorite e-juice flavors and few some high PG/VG vape juice so that you can mix it to derive at a best tasting vape depending on your urge for vapor and flavor.

Best E-Juice Flavor 2019 – Review

1. Classic Tobacco Vape Juice

best ejuice flavor

Vaporfi Classic tobacco vape juice is one of the top-selling vape juices on the market.

Vaporfi makes their vape juices in the USA, the lab which involved in preparing this top-selling vape juice is USFDA approved, hence the quality remains top notch.

A big chunk of the crowd who entered the world of vaping to quit tobacco smoking tend to find this as the best flavor to vape, as it gives you the intense sensation of tobacco paired with huge clouds from the VG content.

So many most popular e-liquid brands have Classic tobacco in their e-juice flavors, but Vaporfi Classic tobacco truly has the most intense tobacco sensation.

When it comes to the packing, Vaporfi utilizes the best quality food grade material to make the 30ml bottles, you’ll never ever look at other vape juice brands if you’re looking for a high-quality vape juice with your favorite taste on it, especially when you get it from a most received brand among vapers.

On the cost front, Vaporfi Classic Tobacco Vape Juice is priced at 16 dollars per 30ml. This is not the cheapest vape juice flavor but still, it’s not very expensive too.

This is the best e-juice flavor in 2019 that makes each and every vaper who loves the sensation of tobacco. Vaporfi is one of the best places to buy tobacco e juice flavor, the cost is somewhat in the mid-range, thus its never gonna cost too much in long run.

2. Menthol Freeze Vape Juice

best vaping flavors

In common, Menthol is the second best selling vape juice in the vape juice market. Vaporfi again tops the list when it comes to menthol e-liquid when compared to other competitor vape juice brands.

Vaporfi has the best menthol e-liquid recipe that gives the cool feel when inhaled, after the hit you’ll get the taste of mint for sometimes.

A similar type of vape juice flavors which gives the menthol and mint combination with such detailed and cool vapors are hard to find. The vape juice flavor recipes and formulas are registered with USFDA for quality and safety parameters.

The ingredients used to make this menthol e-liquid is of food grade and safe to inhale, the VG concentrate mix produces dense clouds when it is paired with the chill and tasty mint and menthol, you get the most enjoyable vaping session.

The packaging is done in a high-quality bottle which can hold 30ml of vape juice, it can withstand high temperature and maintains the quality of the vape juice for longer. Similar to the Classic Tobacco flavor, this Menthol e-liquid also costs you 16bucks per 30ml of vape juice.

Vaporfi is the best place to buy menthol e-liquid which is rated as one of the best e-juice flavors among hundreds of similar recipe. Price is also reasonable and the quality and quantity fit the bill.

3. Double Espresso Vape Juice

most popular vape flavors

Another notable vape juice flavor from Vaporfi on our list, Double Espresso vape juice flavor mimics the exact taste and sensation of the ever liked coffee across the globe. This flavored vape juice contains double the concentration of the regular Espresso.

Before finding this best e-juice flavored with espresso, I have tried at least a dozen of the similar type of vape juices from other most popular vape juice brands, but literally I didn’t get the actual sensation of an espresso, somehow I got to try this and at last, I found the best.

Few espresso flavored vape juice even gave the burnt taste. Honestly, I didn’t know if I did anything wrong, but Vaporfi’s Double espresso vape juice has got it right. To some users, adding some chocolate flavored vape juice with this one can produce better tasting vapor.

Caramel and cream flavors may not work well with this one, but chocolate and vanilla worked really well and amused my taste buds to a great extent. When it comes to the cost, again this Double espresso vape juice flavor costs you 16 bucks for 30ml of e-juice. The quality is of better and the packaging is made perfectly.

I’ve seen so many vapers tried getting the best vape juice brand which can actually provide the taste of the coffee and failed badly at it, but this is one of the best coffee flavored vape juice in mid-price range.

4. On Cloud Custard e-Juice

best selling e juice

On Cloud Custard e-juice is something which can take you to heaven with its subtle layers of detailed tastes and delightful vanilla flavor.

This vanilla e-juice is not to be compared with the other ordinary vanilla e-juices, this rich creamy dessert after a heavy meal can make you feel so happy and relaxed, especially when you have nicotine content in it.

When you hit the same vape juice flavor consistently you’ll feel bored over a period, but On cloud’s Creamy sensation was never boring and in fact, you’ll want more of it. It’ll always remain like an add-on to your urge for nicotine.

Most popular vape juices with the vanilla flavor I have tried had slightly increased sweetness which is the only reason it can’t be used as an all day flavor, but with this top-rated vanilla e-juice, the sweetness was at the right balance.

If you’re a person who loves creamy vapes a lot, then you’re probably not gonna change this over other similar types of vapes. This costs you 3 dollars per 10ml of cream-rich vape juice, the tear-proof bottle adds to the authenticity.

Vape wild’s vanilla flavored e-juice is one of a vape juice flavor that will never leave out of your head, you’ll always want it to be refilled again and again in your kit. Definitely, you’ll never get bored of this best e-juice flavor.


best flavor vape juice

Naked 100 has successfully derived the best blend of passion fruit, orange, guava, and mint. People who are living in locations where the weather used to be hot would love this vape juice flavor which can help your mind to feel the tropical vacation.

The moment you try this icy fruit juice flavor, you would literally want to go for a Hawaiian trip. This top-selling vape juice mimics Mint taste with the subtle layers of orange, guava and passion fruit.

When you taste the passion fruit alone, it may have a tart taste and it’s very own perfume, but when paired with the slight guava and orange sensation, mixed with the Icy mint chillness, nothing ever can give you the best vape juice flavor for a hot summer day.

This is truly a great vape juice which is thirst quenching and mind relieving flavor when it is too hot all around. Cost wise this is one of the cheapest e-juice which costs you 20 dollars per 60ml, the packaging is made with a sturdy bottle to withstand hot temperature.

This is a unique flavored vape juice which is not for everyone, people who are into a lot of travel and who lives in hot weather will fall in love with this top e-juice flavor. Since the cost is also very reasonable, you can buy this without breaking your bank account.

6. American Red Tobacco Vape Juice

most popular e juice flavors

This is the final vape juice flavor from Vaporfi on our list, the e-juice flavor which everyone would love and long for.

American Red tobacco vape juice makes it to the list of top 10 vape juice flavors due to its intense taste and nice tobacco sensation.

American Red tobacco has a history among native Americans, long before vaping and vape juices hitting the market, people used to carry Red tobacco with them for trade. It was something which was widely used by the large chunk of people.

This vape juice is flavored with such a taste and sensation that still there in our genetic memory, it still remains an attraction for many people even today in the form of vape juice flavors.

People who prefer a Cigar after a meal would love this top-selling vape juice a lot as it perfectly mimics the taste and feel of the native American red tobacco.

The price range is pretty reasonable for a historical e-liquid flavor, it costs you 16 dollars for a 30ml of e-juice flavor. The production is made with food-grade ingredients and the formula for this vape juice flavor is registered with US-FDA.

This is nothing but a most popular e-juice flavor that is still the most liked flavor among vapers, especially people who really likes the American lifestyle and history would enjoy experiencing the good old days with this top vape juice.

7. Hawk Sauce E Juice

best vape juice flavor

Hawk Sauce E juice has a recipe that is more unique, tasty and mind-blowing freshness!

This vape juice flavor is made to attract every vaper with its candy-like taste and feel, the menthol flavor is also mixed in this top-rated vape juice.

If you don’t like menthol flavor, there is a menthol free flavor as well for you. But since the menthol mix is less than 20% of the total recipe, its unlikely gonna annoy your taste buds.

This is not a typical vape juice flavor with chillness and some sweetness. This e-juice flavor is not something that everybody would want to put their fingers on when looking at the recipe.

This flavored e-juice is made with blackberry, raspberry, mint, and sour gummy candies, some people might not like the sour and menthol combination. But honestly the mix of all the ingredients are in right balance, this high-quality vape juice is made to perfection with the perfect blend, this is an all day vape flavor.

A note of caution is that these authentic vape juice flavors are not suitable for plastic tanks, otherwise the overall making is done with food grade materials.

This unique e-liquid flavor can give you a different and enjoyable vaping session. Don’t try mixing combinations with this flavored e-juice as the recipe itself has the various mix of ingredients, mixing it with other vape juice flavors might give adverse effects on the results altogether.


best ejuice ever

Yogi Eliquid is a very popular vape juice flavor, this can be an all-day e-liquid flavor for you due to its mild sweetness, but still, this is more of a mood-based e-juice flavor.

If you feel like wanna eat some snack, you’ll get the spot on granola bar taste and sense, when you inhale this granola bar flavored e-juice. You’ll also get the honey sweetness which lasts for few seconds.

This flavorful vape juice is made with high-quality ingredients, each puff tastes better and better to satisfy your snack craving to a great extent. If you like eating granola bars, you’ll love this top-rated e-juice flavor, all the ingredient used to bake this top vape juice is food grade and safe to inhale.

The packaging is done in a thin unicorn bottle, the bottle looks pretty sturdy and can protect the vape juice’s flavor from outside temperature. With high VG mix, you’ll be able to get the fun of flavor and huge cloud production.

This popular vapor juice flavor costs you 24 dollars per 40ml, though the cost is higher you’re not gonna regret paying the bill to get the best amazing vape session.

This is one of the best e-juice flavors which has the unique taste and feel, when you inhale the vapor feels so smooth, no worries about harsh throat hits. Though the price is on the higher side, each and every puff has value to your money.


most popular e liquids

Dinner Lady is one of the best premium vape juice brands in a reasonable price range, which offers you the most received and loved flavor among vapers is “Lemon Tart”.

It’s really hard for a vape juice brand to arrive at the right balance of tangy and pulpy flavor of lemon because even the slightest hiccup can totally ruin the taste and sensation totally.

The dinner lady has done it well and unlike cheap vape juice brands, this one delivers the thick and lovable lemon tart e-liquid.

The production of this premium vape juice flavor is made with high-quality food-grade ingredients to deliver the perfect and amazing vape for its users.

Dinner Lady Eliquid is another veteran in our list selling premium vape juice at relatively competitive price points.

There are several classic flavors that is pretty awesome and real, I said real because unlike many cheap e-liquids you can actually get the feel of whatever flavor you like.

The packaging is done in a quality bottle which can protect the vape juice’s flavor in extreme weather conditions also. Though this is not the cheapest vape juice flavor, you won’t be shocked to see the bill.

Dinner lady e-liquid has actually got the pulse of every vaper out there and is really got the expertise to deliver the delicious lovable vape juices in a fairly reasonable price point. If you’re not bothered about spending some extra bucks for the best premium vape juice you will love this e-liquid.


top vape juice flavors

Not all the best-rated vape juice brands offer the same as mentioned in the description, but Charlie’s Chalk dust e-juices are all described perfectly as it is.

“If you give a tropical popsicle to a kid, he’ll be banging his head and start dancing in no time” that was the manufacturer’s product description for Headbang boogie.

This top-selling e-liquid flavor has got the same when you put it on the right coil, the fruitiness you’ll feel is what every vaper would want to get, melting blue raspberry Italian ice with subtle lemon flavor makes this one of the coolest e-liquid flavors that you’ll keep longing for.

Every flavor of this vape juice brand is absolutely perfect and made to perfection. I tried almost all the flavors from the e-liquid brand and at no point in time I felt it incomplete or less satisfying, I thoroughly enjoyed each flavor.

The right mix of VG, Nicotine and finely prepared flavors makes this one of the best vape juice brands which each and vaper should keep in their vape juice kit. A good vape juice flavor in the mid-price range.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust’s premium vape juice flavor is pretty unique and detailed. The price point is not the deal breaker, though this is not the cheapest e-liquid you can get on a budget. The quality is never compromised in its e-juice flavors.

Hope the review about best e-juice flavor 2019 is helpful in choosing your favorite e-liquid. Happy Vaping !!!

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