Best RBA Tank 2019 – 10 Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

Looking for the best RBA Tank 2019? But what is the best RBA atomizer?

Search for the best Rebuildable atomizer never ends, especially if you’re a serious coil builder.

A vape mod kit can only provide you with the desired temperature and wattage, but an RBA is something which supports you to create the best vape sessions.

If you got everything else but lacks on coil building support, you may not be able to get your favorite taste and clouds.

The Rebuildable atomizers decide the limit of your vape style, it allows you to push the limits further.

Several RBA tanks hitting the market every day with improved features and capabilities, some RBA brands getting it right and many are not getting vaping community’s attention due to the lack of features and durability.

Few best Rebuildable atomizer tank brands offer both performance and value to the money. Choosing the best rebuildable atomizer tank becomes tough with so many options available in the market.

To help you choose the best rebuildable atomizer, I present you with the list of 10 best RBA tanks 2019, let me take you through the best RBA tank review.

10 Best RBA Tanks 2019 – Comparison

Best RBA TanksRBA TypeTank CapacityBuild deckPrice
3. CSMNT | Cosmonaut RDA by District F5VERDANASingle & Dual
4. Recoil Rebel RDA by Grimm GreenRDANASingle & Dual
6. Vandy Vape Kylin 24mm Postless RTARTA6 ml / 2 mlSingle & Dual
7. OBS Engine RTA Rebuildable Tank AtomizerRTA5.2 mlSingle & Dual
8. Kanger Toptank MiniRTA4 mlSingle & Dual

What is the Best RBA Tank?

The best rebuildable atomizer is something every vaper keeps close to the heart.

A vaper will rate it best only when it suits his/her user preference. To conclude on the best RBA tank, you should know if you’re looking for the best RBA tank for clouds or the best RBA tank for flavors, the built and design of the rebuildable atomizer should match your preference.

Sub ohm vaping RBA tanks are most commonly rated as best RBA tanks due to its ability to produce clouds and flavors. If you’re not very clear on the ability of an RBA tank, you better look for the best sub ohm RBA, so that you can get the best out of your vape juice.

How to Choose the Best RBA Tank?

Single coil RBAs and dual coil RBAs are completely different in terms of efficiency.

If your choice of vaping is flavor oriented, then you should be looking at a high wattage single coil build to get the best flavorful vapor.

Single coil RBAs are widely considered to be the best RBA tanks for beginners as it is less complicated to use and more efficient in terms of vapor and flavor production. RBA dual coil vapes are designed more focused on sub ohm vaping and clouds.

If you want high wattage sub ohm vaping and if you’re an experienced vaper who has better knowledge and understanding about ohms law, then you should get yourself the best mechanical mod and the best RBA tank for mechanical mods.

Best RBA Tank 2019 – Review

1. SMOK TFV12 Sub Ohm Tank RBA Edition

best rba tank

SMOK is the most received and familiar brand which builds best RBAs, Sub ohm tanks, and RTAs to amuse its users.

The best thing in their rebuildable atomizers is they are capable of handling high wattage coils and pre-constructed coils from SMOK which are huge, effective and capable of producing large clouds and delicious flavors.

This rebuildable tank atomizer is best suitable for high wattage vaping and sub-ohm vaping. But staying within the recommended wattage is always safe while using the included wrapped coil sets, I should mention this because you might get tempted to push the limits while using this Rebuildable tank atomizer.

This RBA tank has a vape juice capacity of 6ml, which is more than sufficient for few sub ohm vape sessions. If you’re a chain vaper or you used to take extended vape sessions, the top fill design makes it easier to refill vape juice when needed.

Three coils are included with this Rebuildable tank atomizer, V12 T12 coil with 0.12ohm resistance, the V12 X4 coil with 0.15ohm and a V12 Q4 coil with 0.15ohm resistance. These coils can be fired at high wattage range to your desire.

Features and Specs
  • 12ohm V12-T12 Duodenary – rated for 60-350W, recommended 130-200W
  • 15ohm V12-Q4 Quadruple Coil – rated for 60-190W, recommended 90-160W
  • 15ohm V12-X4 Quadruple Coil – rated for 60-220W, recommended 100-170W
  • 27mm Base Diameter
  • 28mm Reservoir Diameter
  • 510 Connection
  • 6mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • Black Ultra-Wide Drip Tip
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • High-Temperature Resistant – Explosion Proof
  • Massive Dual Adjustable Airflow Control at Base
  • Performance-Grade V12 Coil Structure
  • Signature Top-Fill Rotary Design with Hinge Lock
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • V12-RBA – Two-Post, Dual Coil Deck
  • V12-RBA-T – Postless, Triple Coil Deck
  • Beasty size and high wattage capacity
  • Vast coil building space
  • Large vape juice capacity – 6ml
  • Best RBA for flavor and clouds
  • Good RBA for beginners
  • Sucks a lot of vape juice at high wattage

This is the best rebuildable atomizer with everything you would expect from your RBA, Solid built an impressive exterior design with high wattage capacity makes this tank as one of the best RBA tanks on the market.

2. SMOK TFV8 Sub Ohm Tank Atomizer

dual coil rba tank

Another attractive model from SMOK in our list, as you already aware that SMOK is familiar for its sub ohm capable best RBA tanks, TFV8 won’t disappoint you in terms of convenience and capabilities.

Since this RBA tank has a 510 connection, practically you’ll be able to use this RBA vape tank with most of the mod kits available in the market, the coil building with this two post deck becomes very easy and convenient.

If you’re a sub ohm vaper or a chain vaper, you’ll start loving this RBA tank from the moment you take your first hit.

This Rebuildable atomizer has a juice capacity of 6ml, so you can enjoy your extended vaping sessions without worrying, you can take at least two or three full vape sessions with this RBA tank.

It comes with two pre-constructed coils and one RBA atomizer head, the V8 – T8 coil comes with 0.15ohm resistance and can produce huge vapor clouds.

The V8 – Q4 quadruple coil offers you even more clouds and excellent flavor production, the RBA atomizer head allows you to build even larger coil types with ultimate convenience.

Features and Specs
  • 5mm Diameter
  • 6mL Maximum Juice Capacity
  • 5mL Juice Capacity with T8-V8 Coil
  • Black Delrin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip
  • Convenient Top-Fill Design with Hinge Lock
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow Control at Base
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • Patented Turbo Engines Coil Structure
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • 12ohm V8-T10 Deca/Decuple Coil (10T) – rated for 50~300W, recommended 130~190W
  • 15ohm V8-Q4 Quad Coil (5.0T) – rated for 50~180W, recommended 90~150W
  • 15ohm V8-T8 Octuple Coil (6.6T) – rated for 50~260W, recommended 120~180W
  • 2ohm V8-T6 Sextuple Coil (6.0T) – rated for 50~240W, recommended 110~150W
  • V8 RBA (4.0T-X) – 18mm Two-Post, Dual Terminal Deck
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Stainless, Black, Gunmetal, Gold, Blue, Red, Green, and Rainbow
  • Includes Pre-installed coil and additional coil plus RBA atomizer head
  • High wattage capable
  • Perfect for Sub ohm vaping and chain vaping
  • Not suitable for MTL vaping
  • Sucks a lot of juice

If you’re looking for the best RBA tank with great wattage capabilities and large juice capacity, this is an ideal choice for you. The 6Ml tank capacity and easy to build RBA atomizer head makes this one of the best RBA tanks in this price range.

3. CSMNT | Cosmonaut RDA by District F5VE

best rebuildable tank

Cosmonaut is a postless Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer with 4holes of each 4mm which can accommodate even most complex coil builds, it has vast space to build any type of coil you long for.

The RDA’s deck is plated with 24k carat gold which gives a classic look. Airflow control is present on the top portion of this RBA tank, and the drip tip is made of Ultem which is a perfect combo for heat resistance.

The dual airflow control gives you the convenience of adjusting the airflow to choose between MTL and DTL. When paired with a powerful mod like SX mini G or a SMOK Alien 220, this Rebuildable dripper can take you to the heights of vaping.

Gold plated copper pin assures you the best connectivity and it hardly overhangs with any mod kit. This RDA comes with the included Ultem drip tip which is made of high-quality plastic and Wide bore drip tip which is suitable for direct lung hits.

This is one among the top rated best RBAs available in the market. Overall the durability is pretty high and can last longer than many similar priced RDA tanks.

Features and Specs
  • 24mm width
  • 24K gold plated copper adjustable 510 pin
  • 24K gold plated deck
  • 510 threading
  • Huge build space
  • Large adjustable airflow slots
  • Postless deck design
  • Stainless Steel and Matte Black finishes available
  • The vast amount of different coil building options available
  • 4mm coil lead inserts
  • Postless build deck
  • A wide range of coil building options
  • Press fit drip tip easy to remove
  • Need to pass the learning curve to build easily on postless deck
  • Price is on the higher side

This is one of the best RBA tanks available in the market which offers you a wide range of coil building options. If your choice is high wattage and sub-ohm vaping, then this is the best RBA tank which can meet your needs. Though the price is high, the quality and convenience it offers fit the bill.

4. Recoil Rebel RDA by Grimm Green

best rebuildable tank atomizer

Recoil Rebel RDA is High-end RDA atomizer backed by both Grimm Green and Ohmboy OC. This RDA tank is built with high-quality materials with 25mm diameter and 24mm inner diameter.

This RDA tank comes with two barrels which are interchangeable, Snakebite barrel can get you a better mouth to lung vaping with 4mm adjustable holes at each side.

The other one from this Rebuildable dripping atomizer is the AFC barrel which has four holes on both sides sizing about 3mm each, direct lung hits at its best can be achieved with this setup.

The deck of this RDA tank is 24mm in diameter and it has two positive posts and two negative posts with a hole size of 2.5mm which can accommodate best dual coil RDA builds, It has a deep well that can give you several deep hits.

The airflow holes in the top are designed in a raised angle, this Rebuildable dual coil dripping atomizer helps you avoid juice leaks to a great extent. The Ultem rings, Spare O rings, and screws let you use this RDA tank for long with the added comfort.

Overall build quality is excellent, you can feel the sturdiness just by holding it in your hands.

Features and Specs
  • 25mm diameter
  • 24mm build deck
  • 5mm post holes for the accommodation of larger gauge wires
  • Cloud chasing drip tips
  • Constructed from high quality 304 stainless steel
  • Gold plated brass contact pin for enhanced conductivity
  • Includes two interchangeable top caps: 3mm Dual “Snake Bite” Inlets
  • PCS slotted flat head screws
  • PEEK insulator
  • Quad AFC Cap
  • Raised negative post holes for the ease of building RDA coils
  • Spare o-rings and screws included
  • Unique raised/angled airflow holes on the cap which help prevent leaking when dripping
  • Two barrels of more choice on airflow settings
  • Raised negative poles
  • Leaks are much less comparing to most RDAs
  • Does sucks a lot of E-juice
  • Too airy for some users

Recoil rebel is one of the best RDAs that had kept the promise for a high-end vaping device. This is the best RDA for cloud production and ultra coil builds. Can offer you ultimate ease of use with its deep drip well and airflow control.


best rba tank for flavor

Hellvape X is one of the best RDA tanks for vapers designed by a vaper, backed by Dead Rabbit! The combination of the designer and the maker obviously raises the expectations, but nonetheless, it has it all.

This Rebuildable dripping atomizer has its airflow control on the top with a raised angle, so juice leaks can be totally avoided. The airflow ring of this RBA dripper is knurled, providing you a better grip than it’s rivals.

Since the airflow can be fully closed, you can get dense vapors to enjoy the flavorful and delicious MTL vaping. It has a 5mm deep juice well which can give you several deep hits.

The four post design of this Rebuildable dripper offers you vast space to build your favorite coil types, even a monstrous coil can be built easily with this Rebuildable dripper.

Since it is designed by a vaper, you get the absolute convenience for a fun-filled coil building experience. The price range is also in the midrange, which toughens the competition for other high priced RDAs.

The durability and performance of this Rebuildable dripper are higher than industry standards, it is built with high-grade stainless steel.

Features and Specs
  • A Vapin’ Heathen Project
  • 24m Diameter
  • Deep Juice Well
  • 5mm Terminal Openings
  • Elevated Postless, Quad Terminal Design
  • Gold-Plated Positive Posts
  • Side-Secured via Slotted or Hex Flathead Screws
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • PEEK Insulated Block
  • Single or Dual Coil Configurations
  • 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • 810 16mm Wide Delrin Drip Tip
  • 810 17mm Wide Resin Drip Tip
  • Dual Slotted Top-Side Airslots – Diagonal Orientation
  • Gold-Plated 510 Contact Pin
  • Squonk-Ready Bottom-Feeding 510 Pin
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Full Black Out, Red, Blue, Purple, Gunmetal, Gold, Rainbow
  • Exclusive Colorways – Pearl White, Emerald
  • Best of the airflow control
  • Four post design
  • Two drip tips included
  • Sucks a lot of vape juice
  • Excessive airflow when keep opened fully

If you are a person who loves coil building and sub-ohm vaping, you got all the relevant convenient features from this best rebuildable dripper. Given the price point and the high-quality construction, this is one of the best RDAs available on the market.

6. Vandy Vape Kylin 24mm Postless RTA

best rba tank for clouds

Vandy Vape’s Kylin is a competitive Rebuildable tank atomizer which has ample deck space and juice capacity. Built durably with high-grade materials to provide you with the best possible service life.

This Rebuildable tank atomizer offers you with a 6ml glass tank and a 2ml glass tank which are interchangeable.

If you are into sub-ohm vaping, you shall use the 6ml tank for the extra juice you need, if you’re loading this RTA with flavor production coils you shall use the 2ml glass tank. The top filling design allows you to refill different flavors often easily.

This Sub ohm RBA tank comes with three different wide bore and Delrin drip tips, the 510 drip tip compatibility allows you to use any of your 510 compatible drip tips with this rebuildable sub ohm tank.

The postless build deck allows you to build single coil or you can use this as a dual coil RBA tank depending on your vape style.

The adjustable airflow is positioned in the side and the bottom, the airflow control ring of this RBA tank is pretty effective, you can sense the change in airflow even with the slightest adjustment.

Features and Specs
  • Dimensions: 1-7/8″ x 15/16″ (2ml Glass Including Drip Tip and Threads)
  • 24mm Diameter
  • 2ml Capacity (6ml Capacity with Expansion Glass)
  • Gold Plated 510 Contact Pin
  • Low Profile for Easy Coil Builds
  • Postless Build Deck for Single and Dual Coil Builds
  • Top Fill Design with Twist Off Cap
  • Adjustable Juice Cap
  • Dual Airflow Slots
  • Quad Airflow Directly to the Coil
  • Side and Bottom Airflow
  • Precision Adjustable Airflow Control Ring
  • Dual coil RBA tank
  • 6ml and 2ml pyrex glass tank
  • Quad airflow option
  • Passing the learning curve to build on post less deck
  • Occasional juice leaks

If you are a person who loves to get the best RBA tank with versatile airflow settings and vast coil building space, then this is the Best Rebuildable tank atomizer your money can buy. Durable and long lasting RTA on the market.

7. OBS Engine RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

best rba for flavor

OBS Engine got a lot of thinking and effort on its design and construction, this Rebuildable tank atomizer is built with high-grade materials to deliver the longevity.

This 25mm RBA tank has a pretty big RBA deck which let you build your choice of coils with ultimate ease and convenience.

It has two posts with dual terminals and is absolutely easy to build dual coils in this RBA deck. Isolated build deck and tank assembly allow you to disassemble the whole tank in a matter of seconds for easy cleaning and coil building.

The 5.2ml tank capacity adds to the convenience of sub-ohm vaping, you can go for extended vaping sessions with such a large juice reserve. The wick reservoir is pretty big to accommodate your huge and thick wicks, thus you can avoid dry hits totally.

This Dual coil RBA tank has top and side filling system, refilling juice was never this easy. The design reduces the temperature absorption by 30%, so you’re not gonna sense that excessive heat while sub ohm vaping. Adjustable top airflow works well for both cloud chasing and flavor production effectively.

Features and Specs
  • 25mm Diameter
  • 30% Temperature Reduction by Design
  • 2ml Tank Capacity
  • 8mm by 3mm Quad Airflow
  • Adjustable Top Airflow
  • Four Subdeck Wicking Channels
  • Isolated Build Deck and Tank Assembly
  • Lock Design
  • Side and Top Fill Tank
  • Side Mounted Hex Screws
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Quartz Glass Tank Section
  • Isolated build deck and tank assembly
  • Perfect Top airflow RTA
  • Top and side filling system
  • Large hole size to accommodate a wide range of coil wires
  • Occasional juice leaks
  • Non TPD compliant

If you’re looking for the Best Rebuildable Tank Atomizer in terms of ease of use, and Cloud production capability, this is a good choice for you. This best RBA tank’s Adjustable airflow system is effective and can work well on all of your vape setups efficiently.

8. Kanger Toptank Mini

what is the best rba tank

Kanger top tank mini is an efficiently designed and smartly built Rebuildable tank atomizer which can be your everyday vaping device for years to come.

Assembling or reassembling is a breeze with this RBA tank, cleaning the tank or building coils made easy. This is a cheap RBA tank, but that doesn’t compromise the build quality or performance anyway.

It has a 4ml juice capacity which is optimal for sub ohm vaping and for extended vaping sessions, paired with the top filling design this becomes one of the best sub ohm RBA tanks.

Kanger top tank designed focusing on flavor production, cloud chasing coil setups also works well, but flavor production is mind-blowing with this Rebuildable tank atomizer.

It comes with a pre-installed 0.15ohm Ni200 coil head which is supported by all TC mods, a 0.5ohm SSOCC coil head is also included in the kit.

This RBA tank is compatible with Kanger Mini RBA which is not included in the kit, to be bought separately for coil building. The adjustable airflow control and 510 connection make this one of the best RBAs for cloud chasing and flavor production.

Features and Specs
  • Supports Kanger RBA Plus
  • 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
  • Airflow Control Valve
  • Constructed Using Pyrex Glass
  • Incredible RTA for cloud Production
  • Rich, Robust, and Intense Flavor Production
  • Top-Fill E-Juice System
  • Uses Kanger OCC and SSOCC Atomizer Coils
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • Long lasting quality build
  • Top fill system
  • Effective airflow control
  • Rebuildable atomizer Deck to be purchased separately
  • Leaks with stock coils

If you are looking for a decent RBA tank with the affordable cost this is one of the best Rebuildable tank atomizers. The overall build quality is pretty good and last for years of heavy-duty use. Good for sub ohm vaping and flavor production.


dual coil rebuildable tank

ELEAF Lyche Atomizer with RBA coil is an attractive vape tank which comes in Stainless steel or in black color, it has a juice capacity of 4ml, the glass section looks short but it can really hold 4ml.

This Rebuildable tank atomizer has a side-filling system, just hold above the glass tank system and give it a twist, you get to see a sizeable hole to fill your e-juice, you twist to close it again to hear a click sound to know that it’s locked and ready to vape.

The top airflow system of this RBA tank has a ring which allows you to close or open the airflow holes by twisting it, the airflow of this Rebuildable tank is efficiently working to give you the best MTL and DTL vaping experience.

The kit includes two coils, one 0.25ohm NC coil which is optimal for better flavor production and a dual 0.25ohm for cloud chasing experience.

Both the coils are built for low wattage vaping, the best rebuildable tank atomizer which has an included RBA head for custom coil builds. The overall built is sturdy and can last for several years of heavy duty usage.

Features and Specs
  • 4mL Tank Capacity
  • Bottom Cup-Like Design
  • Convenient Top Side Fill
  • Dimensions: 59*22mm
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Top Hidden Airflow
  • Delrin Insulated Drip Tip
  • RBA Available
  • Attractive design and durable construction
  • Top and side filling system and adjustable airflow control
  • Cheapest RBA tank
  • Not suitable for high wattage vaping

If your choice of vape style is flavor production, then this is the best tank atomizer with a durable construction. Though this is the cheapest RBA tank, the performance and convenience make this one of the best RBA tanks that has value to money.

10. Kangertech Dripbox 2 Starter Kit With Press RBA Subdrip Tank

best rba atomizer

Kangertech Dripbox 2 is a complete starter kit which comes with squonk vape mod box and squonk ready rebuildable tank.

This RBA mod kit has variable wattage capability, you can fire your coils in the range of 5 watts to 80 watts, the temperature control feature enables you to set the optimal temperature for your coil type and get your desired vape style.

The squonker RBA mod kit has an e-juice capacity of 7ml, traditionally these type of squonk mod kits have been used for travel purpose and also liked by chain vapers as they would require a lot of vape juice.

This RBA mod kit utilizes a single 18650 battery to power up your box mod, the two post coil deck offers you ample space to build your mid-wattage coils, sub ohm vaping is absolutely possible in mid-wattage.

This Rebuildable dripper atomizer has deep juice well to accommodate your large wicks since this is a squonk RBA mod kit, you don’t have to worry about the juice well size.

Above all, you can get best of the flavors from your favorite vape juice as this RBA mod kit supports Kanthal wrapped wires as well.

Features and Specs
  • Battery: 18650*1(not included)
  • Capacity: 7ml
  • Casing: Stainless steel
  • Coil resistance: Kan 0.2 Ohm, DIY
  • Connection: 510 thread
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Height: 26mm
  • Output power: 5-80W
  • Cheap RBA atomizer mod kit
  • 7ml juice capacity
  • Sturdy stainless steel built
  • Good RBA for beginners
  • Not suitable for high wattage vaping
  • Juice leaks are possible if you’re not finishing the juice in the juice well

This is the best rebuildable dripper atomizer mod kit with large juice capacity. If you’re looking for low wattage sub-ohm vaping, this is one of the best RBA mod kits for you at a cheap price.

In a Nutshell,

Rebuildable dripping atomizers are more convenient for flavor oriented vaping, you can change different flavors often.

The RBA tanks can be used for sub-ohm vaping, as Best RBA tanks have ample vape juice capacity to support your extended vape sessions and sub-ohm vaping. Best rebuildable tank atomizers are the best choice for chain vapers and people who vape frequently.

Look out for best RBA tank reviews, you’ll get the list of top RBA tanks to consider, you can also view the specs and features of those best rated RBA tanks, it’ll be easier to search the best RBA tanks which is suitable for your individual preferences.

Hope the review about best RBA 2019 is helpful in buying your everyday rebuildable atomizer. Happy Vaping!!!

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