Best Vape Carrying Case 2019 – 10 Best Carry Cases For Vape Pens/Mods

Looking for the best vape carrying case in 2019?

Every vaper would have a special and favorite everyday vape pen or box mod, after spending so many hours in online stores and blogs, you find the best vape kit and you start loving it.

Somehow you dropped it accidentally, what happens? Tens of hundreds of dollars and above all your most lovable vape kit could be broken. The best vape carrying case can save your vape box mod at the right time.

Though many backpacks come with many compartments to store small accessories, a dedicated storage space for a vape mod or a vape pen along with chargers and other essentials is out of thoughts.

When you buy a mobile, the very next thing you’ll order would be a protective case, a vape mod kit is more or less similar to a mobile. The Vape mods and vape pens have high amperage internal or external batteries, LED screens, glass parts, complex electronic circuits, etc.

Imagine the process for applying a warranty claim, no hopes right? Instead of that, you can save your ultra-modern gadgets by spending a few bucks on a vape carrying case, so that you don’t lose all the bucks you’ve spent on your vape box mods.

The best vape travel case should have protective features against hard handling. Also, it should be made with tough materials to last longer. There are several best-rated vape cases in all price ranges, this review on the list of top 10 best vaporizers carry cases 2019 has all the much-needed information to choose the best vape case for you.

10 Best Vape Carrying Cases 2019 – Comparison

Vape Carrying CaseDesignBelt loop / ClipPrice
1. Klouders Vape Case Vapor PouchVelcroBelt loop
2. Wick and Wire Vape Case for TravelZipperedBelt loop / Carabiner
3. Wick and Wire Vape Carrying BagVelcroBelt Clip
4. HUIZHU Multi-Functional vape carrying caseZipperedCarry handle
5. USA Gear Vape & Accessory Carrying CaseZipperedNo loop / clip
6. FogsLord Travel Carry Vape CaseVelcroBelt Clip
7. Vape and Wire Carbon Fiber Hard Carrying CaseZipperedNo loop / clip
8. AmazonBasics Universal Travel CaseZipperedNo loop / clip
9. FOXVAPE Ego Travel Carry Case BagVelcro / zipperBelt Clip
10. Vape Hard Carrying Case by FOXVAPEZipperedBelt Clip

Best Vape Carrying Case 2019 – Review

1. Klouders Vape Case Vapor Pouch

best vape carrying case

Klouders Vape case Vapor Pouch is a soft pouch that caters to the travel need of each and every vaper. Made with durable material that is capable of protecting your vape mods and vape kits from scratches and knocks.

The design has an opening on the top side of the vape case, you can keep your box mods loaded with vape tanks, you don’t have to remove the vape tank from the box mod before keeping it in your vape case.

The flap is made with enough thickness to safeguard your vape mod accessories, the velcro is of high quality and last longer even with everyday usage.

The belt loop of this vape mod carrying case is made with hard reinforced stitching, you can attach this vape case with your belt or with an adjustable lanyard, makes it easier to carry around while you travel. You can keep your mobiles and wallets along with your vape gear.

  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 4 Comfy pockets
  • Belt loop
  • Ergonomic top open design
  • Velcro open/close
  • Sturdy and soft case
  • Durable velcro
  • Hard reinforced stitches
  • Not completely closed
  • Slightly high priced

This is one of the best vape carry cases in terms of high quality built and long lasting velcro. Though the price of this vape mod carrying case is slightly higher than other top-rated vape carry case, it has value in it.

2. Wick and Wire’s Primo Vape Case for Travel 

best vape pen carrying case

Wick and Wire’s very own customized for modified vape case for travel purpose, Nylon and suede rugged material with reinforced stitches to protect your vape mods and vape box mods from knocks and scratches.

This travel vape case is designed and manufactured by wick and wire in the USA, you can rely on the quality and longevity of this vape case for travel. Depending on the size of your tube vape mod or box mod kit you can store a minimum of two and a maximum of three vape kit in the main pocket.

The main pocket of this vape mod travel case is covered using two zippers. So you can carry this vape carry case even on rainy seasons. But remember this vape kit travel case is not waterproof, hence mind what you’re keeping in your vape carry case while you travel.

The main pocket has two elastic loop slings to keep your vape kits fit and prevent falling or sliding inside the bag, thus you can avoid any potential oil leaks.

The netted pocket can be used to store your additional batteries and e-juice bottles. You also have an easy access front pocket in this vape kit carry case which can be opened or closed using the velcro.

  • Carabiner or belt loop
  • Durable zipper pulls
  • Heavy-duty nylon
  • Internal elastic strap
  • Sling strap option
  • Suede patch
  • Internal elastic strap
  • Completely close-able design
  • Sturdy materials
  • Can’t fit in if the vape mod is loaded with vape tank
  • Velcro could have been better

Primo travel vape case is one of the best vape carry cases in the market in terms of durable finish and optimal storage space. If you’re looking for a fairly priced best vape carry case with decent storage capabilities, this is an ideal choice.

3. Wick and Wire’s Medio box mod Vape Carrying Bag

best vape mod carrying case

Wick and wire’s yet another creation, Medio box mod case vape carry bag designed and crafted in the USA with sturdy nylon, it can last longer with heavy duty usage. This vape mod carry case for travel is made for medium sized box mod kits.

This Vape carry case has an opening on the top, thus even if the vape mod is loaded with the vape tank it can fit in your box mods in this vape carry case without any issues.

Internal height of this vape carry case is 4 inches, but even if your box mod kit is slightly bigger than 4 inches, still you can fit in your vape kit in this vape case, the top open design can accommodate perfectly.

Though this vape case is designed focusing on medium sized box mods, it actually can accommodate about 90% of vape mods available in the market today. The vape case can be opened or closed using the magnetic snap button.

The strong and sturdy metal clip allows you to clip this vape travel case to your belt or with your pocket easily.

  • 4 Inches internal and 4.5 inches external height
  • Medium sized vape case
  • Metal Clip
  • Ripstop nylon case
  • Top open design
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Fair price point
  • Very compact
  • Not suitable for rainy seasons
  • Can’t store more than one box mod kit

This is one of the best vape carrying cases designed for medium-sized box mod kits. If you’re looking for the best vape carrying case to carry a single vape kit, then this is a good choice in this price range.

4. HUIZHU Multi-Functional Vape Carrying Case

best vape travel case

HUIZHU Multi functional vape carrying case is truly a great option for backpack trips and extended backcountry camps. This Vape carrying case provides a lot of space and elastic loop strings to wrap up your vape mods and vaping accessories.

Imagine a mini briefcase with two compartments crafted with a lot of elastic loops, this vape carrying case can accommodate almost all of your vaping gear like batteries, 10ml 15ml 30ml liquid bottles, extra wires, cotton wicks, additional batteries, vape mods, vape pens, small tools and what not?

This Vape carrying case doesn’t come assembled, you should put this thing together yourself after opening the package.

Though you don’t have any instructions included in the kit, you can assemble it without much hustle. This vaporizer and accessories carrying case also have a netted pocket to store small things in your vape gear for travel.

The overall quality of this vape travel case is pretty good since this vape mod carrying case is fully close-able and made with thicker material, you can carry this around on moderate rainy days.

  • Expandable pockets
  • Expandable straps
  • Four sides with string loops
  • Thick material
  • Two spacious compartments
  • Vape mod storage pockets
  • Can carry a lot of accessories
  • Expandable pockets and loops
  • Can carry around on moderate wet days
  • Not so compact
  • No Instruction manual for assembling

This is one among the top rated vape case for box mods and vaping accessories. If you’re looking for a spacious and well-organized vape case for travel this is an ideal choice at a fair price point.

5. USA Gear Vape & Accessory Carrying Case

best vape cases for box mods

USA Gear Vape and Accessories carrying case is another fabulous addition in our list of top rated vape cases. This particular vaporizer case is capable of carrying several accessories along with more than one vape mod safely and conveniently.

USA vape carrying case is designed focusing on preventing your vape mods and accessories from bumps, knocks, and weather.

The thick and durable material used to craft this vaporizer carrying case keeps your vape gear cool in a hot weather and dry in a wet weather, you can carry this travel vape case through your backpack trips to locations with extreme weather.

You don’t have multiple compartments, but you have multiple pockets and two netted mesh pockets in this vape mod case, you can fit in two box mods and two vape pens along with additional batteries, chargers, wires, cotton wicks, and e-liquid bottles.

With such huge provisions for your vaping accessories, this vape mod case stands familiar and got best ratings among vaping community and bloggers. The quality and longevity of this vape case for box mods are pretty good for the given price range.

  • 5”x10”x3.5”
  • 3 years warranty
  • Elastic string loop
  • Pockets with velcro
  • Sturdy and strong zipper to close fully
  • Three removable storage pockets
  • Two mesh netted pockets
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Large storage space
  • Long warranty
  • No Belt loop
  • Not so compact

You can’t expect the best vaporizer carrying case to be spacious and compact. It has spacious storage provisions and protects your vape mods and accessories from hard weather, this is one of the best vape carrying cases with minimal setbacks.

6. FogsLord Travel Carry Vape Case

best vaping mod travel carry case

FogsLord Travel carry vape case looks stylish yet discreet with a camouflage-coloured exterior, designed and crafted with durable materials focusing on caters to the storage requirements of medium-sized vape mods.

FogsLord vape case has the top open design, but the structure is precisely designed, you can fit in your box mods loaded with vape tanks perfectly in this vape case. The aesthetics are made stronger with reinforced stitches to hold it tight upon heavy-duty everyday usage.

Inner height is approximately 4.8 to 5 inches, external height is about 5.5 inches, this vaporizer case can accommodate more than 90% of present-day box mods loaded with a tank.

You also have an elastic pouch on the side to keep additional e-liquid bottles and another pouch inside the vape case to store your additional batteries and charger cable.

Though this vape travel case is strong and sturdy in nature you cannot store more than one box mod in this vape case.

  • 5”x4.1”x1.5”
  • Additional pocket inside the Vape case
  • Elastic side pocket
  • Nylon material
  • Top open design
  • Belt clip
  • Compact vape case
  • Best fit for single box mod with tank
  • Strong and sturdy belt clip
  • Not for wet days
  • Can’t store more than one box mod

This is one of the stylish and attractive vape carry cases with a durable exterior, can carry one vape mod kit with batteries, tank, e-liquid bottle and charger cable. If you’re looking for the best vaporizer case to carry a single vape mod kit, this is a good choice

7. Vape and Wire’s Hard Carrying Case

cheap vape carry case

Carbon Fiber Pattern Design Hard Carrying Case from Vape and wires is one of the sturdiest vape cases you’re looking for, it can protect your vape gear perfectly from knocks and bumps.

Made using a durable material for longevity, you can rely on this vape mod carrying case on your backpack trips. Isolate your vape box mods and vaping accessories in your backpack or briefcase on an extended backcountry camping. It has a dual zipper to open or close your vaporizer case, zippers are pretty strong and sturdy.

This Vape mod carry case has enough storage space to carry more than one box mods or vape pens along with additional batteries, e-liquid bottles, cotton, cleaning cloth, coils, and vape tanks.

Though it doesn’t offer you huge space despite the ability to do so, you get enough space in this vaping travel case for your necessities.

Vaporizer carrying cases recently evolved a lot in terms of internal storage patterns and portability, Carbon Fiber Pattern Design Hard Carrying Case offers you the durability for a longer period.

  • Dual zippers
  • Elastic loop strings
  • Hard exterior
  • Mesh netted pockets
  • Nylon construction
  • Spacious storage compartment
  • Sturdy hard vape case
  • Can accommodate more than one box mod
  • Optimal storage space
  • No belt loop
  • Not so compact

Carbon Fiber Pattern Design Hard Carrying Case is one of the best vape travel cases with high durability and hard exterior for perfect protection. If you’re looking to carry more than one vape mods in your backpack this is an ideal choice.

8. Amazon Basics Universal Travel Case

best vaporizer carrying cases

Amazon Basics offers this Universal Travel Case to carry your valuables and electronic gadgets safely while you travel.

Unlike a regular vape, mod carry case Amazon Basics Universal Travel Case has quite a few features that make this one of a dependable carrying case among top-rated travel carry cases.

Firstly it’s dimension, it is built with 9.5” Height, 5.4 inches width and 2 inches depth, with such a dimension you’ll be able to carry a lot of small and medium-sized vape mods and vape accessories along with other electronic gadgets.

This is a sturdy vape case within which all your vape gear and accessories can be fit in safely from scratches, knocks, and bumps. You have zippered protective pockets and mesh netted elastic pockets to keep your vape mods, wallet, keys, and other necessities perfectly.

If you’re planning to carry only your vape gear or you can carry more than one vape mods, vape pens, stock coils, wicks, charger, additional batteries, and e-liquid bottles, you can load this multipurpose vape carry case with accessories that can keep you going for a full week of vaping.

  • 5”x5.4”x2”
  • Large storage space
  • Mesh netted pockets
  • Molded EVA plastic exterior
  • Water Resistant (except zipper)
  • Zippered pockets
  • One year Amazon Basics warranty
  • Sturdy exterior
  • Water resistant
  • Large storage space
  • No belt loop
  • Netted mesh has paint wears

This is one of the best cheap carry cases for electronic gadgets and vape mods while you travel. If you’re planning for an extended trip, then this is one of the best vape and multipurpose carrying cases that has absolute value in it.

9. FOXVAPE Ego Travel Carry Case Bag

best vape cases

FoxVape Ego Travel Carry case bag is a perfect, compact and nice looking vape carry case for your local travels and long distant backpack trips.

This vaporizer carrying case has a pretty tough exterior that prevents your vape mods and accessories from knocks and bumps. The interior is made with soft material, that keeps your box mods, LED screens and sensitive electronics from scratches.

It has a top open design, so you’ll be able to keep your box mods with vape tanks comfortably, though it doesn’t have a flap the top portion has elasticity, hence it can hold your box mods perfectly.

You have a zippered pouch in the front portion of this vape mod carrying case, you can use this pouch to store your batteries, chargers, coils, and wicks.

Since this vaporizer carrying case is semi-waterproof, make sure you use the zippered pouch to keep things which you don’t want to get wet on rainy days.

Apart from that you also have another pocket in this vaping mod case that doesn’t have a zipper but with elasticity, you can choose to keep your vape juices in this pocket.

  • Multi-Functional
  • High-quality materials
  • Semi-waterproof
  • Soft fabric interior
  • Three different pockets
  • Top open design
  • Nylon exterior
  • Sturdy nylon exterior
  • Soft fabric interior
  • Semi-waterproof
  • Zippered pocket
  • Not for wet days
  • Cannot carry more than one vaping mod

This vaping mod case is designed and built to carry a single box mod kit with required accessories, made with tough nylon exterior and soft interior. If you’re not planning to carry more, this is one of the best vape mod carrying cases for you.

10. Vape Hard Case Carrying Case by FOXVAPE

best vape mod carrying case

Last vape case in the list of best vape cases. Vape hard case by Foxvape is one of the unique and excellent propositions. This is the cheapest yet best vaping mod carrying case in terms of portability and sturdiness.

It has 7.48 inches height, 3.93 inches width and 1.77 inches depth, such vape carry case will allow you to carry a lot of vape accessories along with your vape mods and vape pens.

This vape case is made with molded EVA, sturdiness at the best, it can protect your valuables from knocks and bumps easily. Interiors are lined with soft fabric, thus it protects your Vape mod and LED screens from scratching.

This vaping mod carrying case offers you elastic loop strings, you can fit in two vape box mods in that safely, it also has a mesh safety net to keep it from movements.

Apart from that, you have two mesh netted pockets, there you can store your chargers, batteries, wicks, coils, and e-liquids.

After loaded with such a wide range of Vape mods and vaping accessories, you can attach this with your belt loop with the carabiner hook. The hook itself is pretty tough, can withstand heavy duty usage in long run.

  • 48”x3.93”x1.77”
  • Elastic loop strings
  • Interiors lined with soft fabric
  • Molded EVA exterior
  • Three pockets
  • Carabiner hook
  • Three pockets
  • Mesh safety netted
  • Molded EVA exterior
  • Not water resistant
  • Bulgy look

Honestly speaking, I don’t see any cons in this vaping mod carrying case. Given to the price range, the mentioned setbacks can be ignored, you get a perfect vape mod carry case with zipper, fully close-able design in less than 10 bucks. This is the best vaping travel case for multipurpose and heavy duty usage.

Best Vape Carrying Case 2019 – Buying Guide

Safety measures

Why Vape travel case? It really doesn’t matter if your vape mod is with basic configuration or if it is a high-end vape mod, only as long as you keep it safe you’ll be able to vape with it.

While you’re in travel, the moment you want a vape badly if you’re vape mod is broken and not working then you’ll understand the importance of a vape travel case.

A vaping mod case is not only storing your device, it actually prevents your vape mods, vape pens, and other vaping mod accessories from knocks, bumps and potential damages.

If the cost of your vape gear totalling to let’s say 100bucks, if a vape case costs you 15bucks, you’re actually safeguarding your 100bucks plus uninterrupted vaping when you’re away from home.


If you’re keeping your vape box mod in a pocket, where will you keep your e-liquids, stock coils, and chargers? Vaping on the move and carrying vape gear while you travel need a good vape travel case, so that you can carry all the necessities safely and organized.

Carrying your vape box mods and vape pens in pockets while you’re at the workplace or at home is just fine, but traveling is different, bumps and knocks can damage your valuables, above all, wearing a vape case in your belt or lanyard is more convenient and ideal.

What else?

Your Vape box mod or vape pen may have come with few minute parts that may not be available for sale separately, if you lose it or break it, you may have to abandon your vape kit.

Carrying an e-juice bottle in your pocket while travel may not be a good idea, similarly, vape tank with e-juice can leak if shaken on the move.

Charger cables may be difficult to keep in your pocket. A vaping mod carry case helps you keep all these much-needed accessories organized, isolated and safe.

Hope the review about the best vape carrying cases 2019 is helpful in buying the best carry case for your everyday vape. Happy Vaping!

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